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Art in Miami's International Airport - Consumerism

October 11, 2017

In several ways, it’s finally here. This trek to Machu Picchu has been one very high in my list since my awakening to travel and adventure. Such an important adventure will commemorate my 50th birthday. I had a very ambitious goal of reaching 100 countries by the time I reached 50 years of age. Even that goal wasn’t a thought in my head until I returned from Europe with 63 countries. It shocks even me that age 50 I am crossing the 107th mark, with Peru. 

I opened up my plans to many that I know across the world and have two travelers joining me. Naitro, has been with me in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Belize, and now Peru. LaTrice will be joining us, a first time adventure, at least in the way I travel. The three of us have known each other for 15 years but I haven’t seen LaTrice in 13 1/2 years.

A piece of art at the hostel
What a great occasion for a reunion. 

This trip’s logistics is only eclipsed by my first Southeast Asia Trip but that was 5 countries. This one required timing of planes, trains, busses, and site passes that resulted in an efficient choreography of Travel. 

On board and headed to we go. 

Stopped for a photo and youth art exhibit on consumerism in Miami Airport. They always are showcasing some interesting art. 

For snack a really great please call Fig and ? Couscous A lentil salad and falafel...yum 

Flight took off on time and I had generous leg room so it was very comfortable I have downloaded numerous episodes of TV shows that I wanted to catch up on and was able to watch almost 8 hours of what I have brought.

Just for the night
  That’s really too much

Or arrival immigration always very busy but has no immigration forms were required the process of getting through was quick with a question only how long you were staying they stamp the passport and move you along, and no fee


I was unable to get any cash from the ATM machine and it seemed that the particular bank have a Napoli on machines the airport. I found the driver quickly and the first thing he asked was if I had local currency as I didn’t have it he called the in and put the guy on the phone and I explained he said I could pay at the office

Even though it’s only a quarter of a mile to the in after seeing what it would take to get to the end crossing much traffic and very sketchy neighborhood there’s no way that I would consider walking this it’s worth the $10 for the transport

The room was vibrant with color and a decent size by the rest of the world standards bathroom was right outside my which was very convenient if shower only have Cold water I was told that that was one of the first floor that have hot water if it was available

Nitro in the tree should be arriving in about an hour I’m off to bed at 4 AM Will be here soon 

Paulovic says:
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Posted on: Oct 30, 2017
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Art in Miamis International Airpo…
Art in Miami's International Airp…
A piece of art at the hostel
A piece of art at the hostel
Just for the night
Just for the night
Photography exhibit in MIA
Photography exhibit in MIA
Consumerism art exhibit in MIA
Consumerism art exhibit in MIA
photo by: rsvpme