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run through Andalusia region,Madrid-Cordoba-Sevilla-Granada-Malaga-Mijas-Tarifa for 7 days before heading to Morocco by ferry. In Morocco,Tangier-Casablanca-Marrakech-Sahara desert-Fes-Chefchaouen for 11days. Sahara desert is amazing!!

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September 25th, 2017Madrid, Spain
September 26th, 2017Madrid, Spain
September 27th, 2017Cordoba, Spain
September 28th, 2017Sevilla, Spain
September 29th, 2017Cordoba, Spain
September 30th, 2017Granada, Spain
September 30th, 2017Malaga, Spain
October 1st, 2017Mijas, Spain
October 1st, 2017Tarifa, Spain
October 1st, 2017Tangier, Morocco
October 2nd, 2017Casablanca, Morocco
October 2nd, 2017Marrakech, Morocco
October 3rd, 2017Marrakech, Morocco
October 4th, 2017Ouarzazate, Morocco
October 5th, 2017Todra Gorge, Morocco
October 5th, 2017Erg Chebbi, Morocco
October 6th, 2017Erg Chebbi, Morocco
October 6th, 2017Merzouga, Morocco
October 7th, 2017Fez, Morocco
October 8th, 2017Fez, Morocco
October 9th, 2017Chefchaouen, Morocco
October 10th, 2017Casablanca, Morocco
October 11th, 2017Casablanca, Morocco
October 12th, 2017Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates