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I took about a two month drive through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, back into Utah, into Nevada then back to Arizona. A total of 56 days and over 6200 miles.

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August 14th, 2017Sierra Vista, Arizona
August 14th, 2017Munds Park, Arizona
August 15th, 2017Flagstaff, Arizona
August 15th, 2017Tonalea, Arizona
August 15th, 2017Blanding, Utah
August 16th, 2017Blanding, Utah
August 16th, 2017Natural Bridges National Monument, United States
August 16th, 2017Mexican Hat, Utah
August 17th, 2017Blanding, Utah
August 17th, 2017Natural Bridges National Monument, United States
August 17th, 2017Hanksville, Utah
August 17th, 2017Green River, Utah
August 18th, 2017Green River, Utah
August 18th, 2017Thompson Springs, Utah
August 18th, 2017Sego, Utah
August 18th, 2017Helper, Utah
August 18th, 2017Fairview, Utah
August 18th, 2017Mount Pleasant, Utah
August 19th, 2017Mount Pleasant, Utah
August 19th, 2017Spring City, Utah
August 19th, 2017Wales, Utah
August 19th, 2017Moroni, Utah
August 19th, 2017Fountain Green, Utah
August 19th, 2017Delta, Utah
August 20th, 2017Delta, Utah
August 20th, 2017Deseret, Utah
August 20th, 2017Lynndyl, Utah
August 20th, 2017Eureka, Utah
August 20th, 2017Silver City, Utah
August 20th, 2017Tooele, Utah
August 21st, 2017Grantsville, Utah
August 21st, 2017Tooele, Utah
August 22nd, 2017Ophir, Utah
August 22nd, 2017Lehi, Utah
August 23rd, 2017Woods Cross, Utah
August 24th, 2017Woods Cross, Utah
August 28th, 2017Weiser, Idaho
August 30th, 2017Weiser, Idaho
September 1st, 2017Nampa, Idaho
September 7th, 2017Mountain Home, Idaho
September 7th, 2017Grangeville, Idaho
October 8th, 2017Sierra Vista, Arizona