Day 1, Marsa Alam, Egypt

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Me @ Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, right before departure

Day1 - Amsterdam/Marsa Alam

Egypt was at the top of my personal list of countries that I really wanted to visit. Im very interested in every country in the middle east but especially Egypt was a country I really wanted to see. The mystical 1001 nights atmosphere is so dreamy to me. I love the architecture and impressive buildings in those countries that remind us of ancient mystical times. I also find the religious aspect very interesting. The gods that the old Egyptians prayed to, I like to read about those things also. Too bad I dont have too much time to do so! So this summer I was really excited when I finally left for Egypt. In 5 hours we flew from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam to Marsa Alam. It was a great flight, the sky was clear and we didn't fly that high so the view from the plane was great! We saw some of the Greek Islands like Zakynthos and we also saw Venice from above. That was really nice to see all the little streams running trough the city. With a little bit over an hour left to fly the landscape beneath us changed into dessert. I was beautifull! Especially when we reached the NileValley! It was amazing to see how the Nile runs trough the country as a green serpent. When we flew over Egypt evening fell and the lights around the Nile were so pretty! When we landed everything had gone pitchblack! We arrived at the resort wich was about half an hour away from the airport. We stayed at the Brayka Bay Reef Resort. The resort was very pretty. It really looked like a palace in the middle of the dessert. I choose this resort because of the location. It had a beautifull bay wich is really good for snorkling. I really wanted to go snorkling there. I hadn’t done it that much yet or atleast not in good places with the most beautiful underwater life like overthere! The people at the hotel were very friendly and helpfull. After filling in some paperwork a lady from the hotel took us to the dining hall where we could have something to eat. I didnt have anything because I was just really tired and not that hungry. Robin had some pasta and after that the lady from the hotel showed us where our room was. The room was really nice and very clean. From the balcony we had a really nice view over the resort and the ocean behind it. We unpacked some of our things, took a hot shower and went to sleep immediatley after that. I was so tired!



Hossam says:
:D amazing thanx for sharing
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
ctjevans says:
so there's more to Egypt than just pyramids - who knew? ;-) your aquatic adventures sound fascinating.
Posted on: Nov 08, 2007
mellemel8 says:
i love egypt. i need to go back again.
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
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Me @ Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, r…
Me @ Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, …
Marsa Alam
photo by: ken2010