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Our first visit to Japan was for 10 days and covered Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and as we are not city folks we took 5 trips to smaller towns. On the4 fast train between Osaka and Hiroshima we stopped for a few hours at Himeji, Okayama and Kurashiki. Our out of city trips included Nara, Omihachiman, Arashiyama, Miyajima, Iwakuni and Saijo. This blog will be of interest to anyone visiting the same area.

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September 22nd, 2017Kyoto, Japan
September 23rd, 2017Kyoto, Japan
September 24th, 2017Kyoto, Japan
September 25th, 2017Kyoto, Japan
September 26th, 2017Hiroshima, Japan
September 27th, 2017Hiroshima, Japan
September 28th, 2017Hiroshima, Japan
September 29th, 2017Hiroshima, Japan
September 30th, 2017Osaka, Japan
October 1st, 2017Osaka, Japan
October 2nd, 2017Osaka, Japan