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Dining area & kitchen at K's House

We carrived at Kansai Airport, near Osaka at lunchtime and immediately went to the JR office to pick up our 5 day Kansai/Hiroshima pass which we had booked online vand would give us unlimited travel on most JR trains, buses and even the ferry to Miyajima Island. We also purchased the ICOCA/HARUKA card which gave us a half price train trip to and from the airport to Kyoto, Osaka or Kobe. The ICOCA card was a card that you could load and use at the stations, some stores and many other places and saved us time waiying in line to purchasev tickets. In 75 minutes we arrived at Kyoto Station and from there it was a 10 minute walk to K's House, a guest house that was voted number 1 in Asia in 2013.

Amazing timber posts at Higashi Hongan Temple
It turned out to be an excellent choice as it was clean, had a kitchen for guest's use, a cafe/bar downstairs, and of course the bedroom was good value with a/c and comfortable beds. The staff were friendly and explained all about the guest house and local attractions. 

After refreshing ourselves and grabbing a drink we decided to visit Higashi Honjan Temple which was  a ten minute wqlk from the guest house, and free to enter. The temple complex consisted of several structures, one of which was the impressive Goei-do hall which is one of the biggest wooden structures in Japan, standing 38m high, 58m wide and 76m long. One of the more interesting displays was a huge coil of rope, perhaps 15cms in diameter, but it was not normal rope. At the time there was a shortage of rope in the country and thousands of ladies had their hair chopped off to make the rope that was used for dregging the the huge logs that were used to construct the temple.

Insert money in the machine and choose your meal
This temple was originally constructed in 1602. Nearby was a seco9nd temple, Nishi Hongan but as we had been traveling all day we decided to give it a miss and head back to the station and try to find something to eat. 

Part of the station complex was devoted to a department store and escalators took us to the 11th floor where there were many restaurants. Prices seemed to be a little more than what we were willing to pay so we headed down to the tenth floor where there were many smaller restaurants offering meals for less than 1,000 yen. All the restaurants had displays of thr nmeals in the window, which consisted of plastic food (which is common practice in the country) Even so, it was a littlr difficult to identify some of the meals, especially because my wife does not eat meat.

A few choices to eat
Eventually she decided on a ramen meal and i chose gyoza. We had to prepay for our meal by selecting out choices in a machine  and keying in what we wanted. With the help of the waitress we shoved 10,000 yen ($90) in a slot, two tickets came out, along with 9,800 yen change. We presentd the meal tickets to the waitress who kindly showed us to a table and in a few minutes the meals appeared. In Japan a glass of water or green tea is placed in front of you as soon as you are seated, so no need to order a drink if you are satisfied with this. At home i had often eaten gyoza at our local Japnese restaurant, Tokyo Kitchen but now i was having thr real deal !!!  and i don't believe i will visit Tokyo Kitchen again as the gyoza in Japan was much better and tastier than back home. My wife also enjoyed her ramen, although she struggled with the chopsticks.
Another benefit of being in Japan is that tipping is considered insulting and should a visitor leave some spare change the staff wil run after him and return the money. 

On the way back we spent a ferw minutes admiring the colorful Kyoto Tower which is illuminated every night. The tower was constructed in 1964, the year of the Tokyo Olympics and stands 131 m tall.

So our first afternoon/evening in Japan was quite successful , only ruined by the drizzling rain. We wandered back to K's House and retired early to bedd, looking forward to tomorrow's adventures. 

davejo says:
Thanks everybody
Posted on: Oct 08, 2017
starship1 says:
David, Many congrats on having this piece selected at the featured blog of the day!!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2017
planxty says:
Many congratulations on being featured today. I am just off now to delve into your Japanese experience!

Speak soon,

Posted on: Oct 08, 2017
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Dining area &  kitchen at Ks House
Dining area & kitchen at K's House
Amazing timber posts at Higashi Ho…
Amazing timber posts at Higashi H…
Insert money in the machine and ch…
Insert money in the machine and c…
A few choices to eat
A few choices to eat
Ks House, Kyoto
K's House, Kyoto
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