I gave the sax player a large tip because

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he was the first street musician I had heard actually play good music, music that I recognized.

There are guys who crank handles on organ grinders, there are beggers who make sounds.

This guy was making music.

So there I was waking up from my siesta, listening to a program baout reggae, and Bob Marley.

One guy was talking how they modified the music a bit so it would be acceptable to American, western audiences. Like including clarinets, and saxaphones in the band.

And I heard a sax blending with the program music.

Gradually I realized the sax was separate from the tv program.

I checked outside, I am on the segundo piso, fairly near the street.

There the guy was, on the corner, La Palma and 5 de Mayo.

So, I got dressed, drank some water, and went downstairs.

I stood in the hotel entrance for minutes, listening.

Watching  most everyone else just go oon their way, ignoring the sax.

I did see some people leave tips.

I listened, then crossed the street and left a bill, as in currency for a tip.

Then listened for minutes more..

He played As Time Goes By, from the movie Casablanca, and Autumn Leaves.

 The tip was well worth it.

Until later,

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Well, at least here in the Centro Historico.

Last week the tv news, and papers were detailing the removal of the street vendors from the streets and sidewalks of the Zocalo area.

My favorite neighborhood for people watching.

So, yesterday morning I went to the zocalo, and the catedral, and los ambulantes were gone.

Streets are clear, sidewalks are walkable, and traffic can move through.

But I miss the excitement of the sidewalk vendors, the thrill of possible pick pockets.

Until later,

nerve, and I go back next week to continue the dental work.

My jaw is a bit sore, but no pain.

Dentist visits scare me, but this guy was good, and I felt no pain.

So, this means I do no hit the road as soon as I had planned.

Looks like another week to finish the dental stuff.

Until later,