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Streets, rivers, strange people and smells. One sentence, which actually completes the whole experience in Amsterdam, the capital in this tiny country, gathering millions of people from all over the world. The moment you arrive you realize, that the language is international, the people speak English, and you have nothing to worry about.

Late autumn is a period that is quite good for visiting this crowded city. It may be cold, dark and rainy, but the tourists are wondering around and the hotels are full. My boyfriend and I decided to stay in this small hotel Tulip Inn, where the prices actually fit our budget (not 300 euro for a night).

A small walk around the park, coffee on the way and 15 minutes in the subway and you arrive in the city centre. I highly request for everyone who is travelling to get the Amsterdam card, which provides you with free access in the public transport, also in many museums and other tourist attractions (like a romantic canal ride through the city). The prices go from 20 to 90 euros, for 24h to 96h.

The first breath you take in Holland makes you suffocate from the smell of marijuana and cheese, which is quite typical for the region. The people are smiling (no wonder why) and quite nice, everyone is more than happy to give you a hand to orientate if you are lost and the bikers are making sure you don’t forget to keep your eyes on the streets.

This time, different than the previous posts, I will try to focus more on the interesting places we saw and which I believe are worth seeing.

For the cinema and photography lovers, I highly request to visit The EYE and Foam Museum. The exhibition in The EYE is more than stunning and the main idea was abstract cinema. One of the most fascinating figures was Rosa Barbara and her movie Bending to Earth. The story of this 15-minute projection shows different places around the world where are being stored radioactive waste. The massive land, which is being used, looks exactly like an apocalyptic view.

In Foam you can see the photographer Ai Weiwei and his expedition in the last 2 years with the refugees, travelling to Europe. The photographs reveal the terrible conditions in which the people are living and their families, even tho they are sleeping in tents, they still haven’t lost their faith. The exhibition will continue till the beginning of December.

Other very interesting museums, which might be more for the people who like science, are Micropia and the Science Center NEMO. Micropia is placed next to the Royal Zoo, so don’t hesitate to visit it, if not – go straight into Micropia. Inside there is a complete magnificent world of pure chemistry and biology. Microscopes and monitors are helping the visitors to understand and examine the basic elements of the human world, you can also have fun in there with the games and talks with scientists. Everything is in English, so you have no reason to not visit this museum.

In Science Center NEMO better not to bring kids, else you might not leave all day long. The enormous 4-floor building has all kind of interactive games for kids and grown-ups, which include chemistry, biology, history and much more, which can literally destroy all the plans you could have over the day.

You can find extremely interesting games, which are suitable for everybody (no matter the age) so I highly suggest if you are visiting it, to have at least 4-5 hours for it – you won’t regret it, and besides, if you get bored, you can simply get a coffee from the 4th floor, sit comfortably and enjoy the amazing view to Amsterdam.

For the true Art lovers I can suggest the Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Ane Frank and Madam  Tussauds Museums, but with the Amsterdam Card you only get free access for the first two, so better know that the prices for the other go beyond 20 euro per person. I personally was very surprised by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It’s not more than 100m away from the Van Gogh museum, but you don’t have to wait to get in and you don’t have to leave all your belongings (the security is quite a big thing).

In Stedelijk, we saw more than just view Van Gogh paintings and Rembrandt’s, but also other great Dutch artists. One of the most interesting parts was the Jean Tinguely exhibition, which is taking place now. More than 100 amazing works of his can be seen, felt and even heard. The other exhibition was Dream Out Loud which provides a different, actually unique view of what the future can look like. The ideas of wearing wax clothes, design to „wear every day your own skin“, also sell phones that can be used from recycled products and even 3D made medical organs, which can save human’s life.

At last, I can say that Amsterdam is worth visiting and I believe that all the places I showed you are worth seeing, especially in the autumn, when the weather is not very suitable for longer walks outside. I hope this will make you mark this place as a future destination for your next journey. 

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My favourite view
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