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If you ever want to get raped with your eyes and an abundance of friendly atmostphere- do not come here :) Now we were only in the city for about ten hours- and we only got to walk around the train station area- but still- what an interesting experience. By far the most unfriendly, cold and i could say dead people i've ever seen work at a train station- worked at this one. 
God, they were miserable. Luckily we got what we needed- a train ticket on to Budapest and we just had to kill the time. We walked around- took pictures, walked around more, found a place to eat some kebab/doner type of sandwhiches. Bought some snacks for the trip- and well, walked around some more. Tried a little Serbian, walked around some more- then played the waiting game :)

It is a very intersting city and i think it would be a trip to visit again, but it has this kind of dark cloud over it. Maybe just our feel or vibe- but it doesn't feel warm and welcoming but dark and interesting. Does that make sense? Later we would find out it is the party city of Eastern Europe and it is the best place to go to go club, get high, or get laid. I'm sure there is a lot more to it than that- but that is what we heard. I did find it interesting- Serbia would be a cool place to come check out later. But do not come here hoping for American smiles or Albanian hospitality or cheery English dispositions.

Not much more to say... :)
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the road around the train station
the road around the train station
gotta our sleeper car- were set t…
gotta our sleeper car- we're set …
our first and only sleeper cart on…
our first and only sleeper cart o…
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