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I could write a story on Dorset's beauty but my life would be too short to complete it. The vast expanse, pretty coastal towns with warm colourful harbours, the history, the market towns and the mighty Abbeys. The very fact that so many movies and TV shows have been shot here is testament to its durability in the entertainment industry. This was my 3rd extended trip here, but had the joy of a first - I visited several towns on my bucket list that I finally ticked off.

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October 5th, 2017London, England
October 6th, 2017Heathrow, England
October 20th, 2017Heathrow, England
October 21st, 2017London, England
October 25th, 2017London, England
October 26th, 2017London, England
October 26th, 2017Bath, England
October 27th, 2017Dorchester, England
October 27th, 2017Weymouth, England
October 28th, 2017Corsham, England
October 28th, 2017Lacock, England
October 29th, 2017Bristol, England
October 30th, 2017Bath, England
October 31st, 2017London, England
November 1st, 2017Heathrow, England