The mighty stones of the henge!

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Me & Tony being the ultimate tourists!
So stonehenge was good fun. I have been showing around/discovering with my kiwi friend Tony last couple of weekends and this time it was Stonehenge which was the destination.  They are quite a sight and originally much bigger than I thought. They are actually blue inside and was transported from far, far away by boat up to river Avon to be dragged to the site where they are now. This is quite surprisingly in the middle of nothing! No, really, there is nothing near by... why it was put there I don't know. But the combination of the stones forms patterns and some small stones at the sides cross and point north. It is thought that the middle was used as a temple and one of the small ones at the side was for sacrifices. We had a great time and even did a "hey-we-are-tourists" photo. It was only because I think we would have otherwise felt left out as everybody else want doing hee hee... (I was asked 3 times to take pictures for others, and to our amusement one of the cameras I was handed it didn't seem to work, they might want to start by turning on the camera ;)). 
Patiecj says:
at june 21 the sun comes through a hole somewhere and then you know summertime begins... =p
When i can i also wanna go there,, it looks so cool!
Posted on: Oct 12, 2007
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Me & Tony being the ultimate touri…
Me & Tony being the ultimate tour…
Pretty big rocks eh?
Pretty big rocks eh?
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photo by: Vikram