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It’s shaped up to be an adventure already with Ben, but finishing up Costa Rica put a whole new spin on it. I can update Santa Teresa very easily- perfect for isolation in the rainy season and perfect if you’re a drug loving surfer.

You don’t have to pay to stay there during the rainy season at least. I was walking around and I found abandonned tents and buildings with roofs but only three walls that you could crash on. It’s a very peaceful beach area and very safe, unlike a lot of beaches in Central America, and you could crash out there on the beach if you didn’t mind a few sand crabs crawling on you or some of the mosquitos that pop up at night.

But you tire quickly of the place if your not surfing. I did though get some great reading in and met some great people at my hostel. So I highly recommend the hostel (Cuesta Arriba) and the location! (check my reviews for more info.)

So anyways leaving Santa Teresa after seven peaceful days there of lounging on a beach and tramping through knee deep mud puddles on the road, we were off to Heredia or back to San Jose, but when we crossed over to Punta Arenas by ferry, Ben decided today was the day he was going to head back to the States. And just like that we stopped our bus trip, grabbed a taxi and headed for the airport in Liberia on the Northern part of Costa Rica. So just like that, within six hours I was saying good bye to my travelling partner and negotiating a bus back into an unknown city- looking for a bus station to take me North and if necessary a place to crash the night.

I found a Youth Hostel that served great meals but had shody, but tolerable rooms. Lonely Planet got this one right when it said bland and boring rooms- they weren’t kidding. But it is right near the bus stop I will be using to head up to Hondurus. I am pressed for time so I only have time for one night in Managua, Nicaragua. I regret this because the idea of Nicaragua was really growing on me. I am looking at 28 hours of bus travel to get to Hondurus, the capital at least but it is only costing me $35 so I am not complaining. For some reason, I have little desire to talk to any other travellers right now. Even though it is terribly lonely to all the sudden find yourself travelling solo, I have no desire to meet anyone. So we’ll see what happens.

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