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It has been a hell of a hectic day. I've been shooting from one thing to the next, picking up last minute items, a last second run to the bank and a last second pick up of a ticket from a close friend who works for Southwest Airlines. Her free ticket from San Antonio to Ft. Lauderdale had saved me a good two hundred dollars. I had managed to get a hell of a cheap ticket from Ft. Luaderdale, Florida into San Jose, Costa Rica for only $179. And getting it that price with only two days remaining till i had to leave, was a steal- thank God for airlines like Spirit and Southwest! I sat in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, pouring over websites on hostiles in Costa Rica in different locations. Me and my friend Ben had still not picked any one place we wanted to head to. We were tempted with Panama, and heading south to Manuel Antonio then east to Panama and Bocas del Torro, but i had also wondered what in the jungles and coffee plantations around San Jose, Allajuela and Herridia were like. All the prices were, steep for Central America but manageable. My goal was $10 a day for lodging and $10 a day for food. Three hundred for bus travel in Costa Rica and then as i made my way back up to Texas. My lacking in the Spanish language wasn't bothering me much at all- i always managed to pick up local phrases and the neccessary to get by once i was in country. Plus my mom's background was Mexican, and she spoke fluently and i had grown up in San-a-friggin-tonio, a major city with a Hispanic population over 50% and a constant swarm of Mexican nationals.


Really i had no worries, just the hope that i wouldn't be blowing my budget, in only two weeks time in Costa Rica. I was having to be honest with myself as well. It wasn't really that appealing a country to me. It seemed like i had anticipated a tropical theme park of sorts. Bungie jumping, canopy tours, white water rafting tours, Surf lessons and tours, bird watching expeditions, volcano hikes- ect... but was that really want i wanted- what i needed?


The whole reason for doing this trip was to be able to relax, gather my thoughts and do some real inner reflection. I had choosen Latin America because what else inspires that more than the Latin lifestyle. Mexico has always been dear to my heart and it was only my curiosity that led me away from starting my trip there. I knew i'd be content to stay in Mexico and no go anywhere else. But i was curious- was Mexico's neighboring countries just as relaxed as chill and yet as vibrant and pulsating with life as i had experienced in Mexico? I thought so, but not Costa Rica. But who am i to say that it is or isn't if i haven't been there yet.


In truth- I am on a quest to seek God out. I am a Christian so that might be a funny statement to make for a faith that claims it has found God in the person and deity of Jesus Christ, but i was on a more specific mission than defining my faith. I was seeking God and that right there is a huge contradiction in the middle of Western/American lifestyle. I don't mean you can't find God in all of that, but to find God in America or any western country you have to break away from the swarm and pace of Western life to do so. Seeking out God, who He is, what His desires are, and the essence of what He is, is not a sanctioned part of the day in American culture. There is no time square in a daily calender or palm pilot dictiating a time dedicated to seeking Him out. We have time set aside for work, work appointments, errands to run, family time, dinner appointments or dates, leisure activities, ect... but the idea of breaking stride to be still and consider the idea and person of God is almost a foreign concept, i would have to place under the personal tab of my day. But since my days for the last ten months had been consumed by two hours of commuting too and from work and wherever, or ten hours a day of work or agreed appointments, dates with friends, parties i had ageed to attend to ect... the slot for God had been swallowed up into 10 or 15 incriments here and there. I wanted more- i want more than that. I believe if there is a God He deserves so much more of that from me. Especially the God i believe in- Jesus Christ, a God who sacrificed his own privillages and wants for my sake and the sake of all humanity. It was my rememberances of my times in Mexico where i felt forced to slow my pace and sit and enjoy the life i was experiencing around me. In Mexico i had always felt guilty for even wearing a watch or setting timed appointments- i even started to feel guilty about being on time :) It was these past memories that has spurred this trip. I am looking for a place where nothing is demanded of me and it is only by my own compullsion and curiosity that i pursue the idea of God. It tells alot of who a man is, where He is at in life and what He is looking for when you give him a large block of free time and you tell him do with it as you will. I guess i want to see what kind of man i am. If i have a desire for God, and if i do then to have the freedom to pursue that and not chalk it up wishful thinking.


So we'll see what happens. Nothing needs to be immediate and i know i'll be with a friend so i might be distracted. But Ben won't be long on this trip and soon i'll be alone- and its then i hope to really set aside all other thoughts, worries and concerns and pursue this Jesus Christ who i have decided to give my life too. Oh yeah and getting a good tan out of it wouldn't hurt either :)


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