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Well, it is as i suspected- San Jose is very bland and it has little to offer the senses. I'm sure there are some clubs here and stuff but, what the flip that's not what i came here for. But Ben has been a plesant suprise and he's adapting to living in sub-par conditions- i've never seen him do this. We got our funds straightened out at the bank of the main strip. We walked the strip, about a 20 or so minute walk from our hostile till they closed off the road for stores and shops. We grabbed breakfast/lunch at a nice little restraunt though i can't remember the name. food was good and the plantans were unreal- so good, best i've ever had. now i really wish i had remembered its name!

We are staying at a hostel called, JC & Friends. I'm not gonna lie to ya- i picked it 'cause ben could have his double private room and prices weren't ridiculous, just $12 a night for a private, double room. But i also picked it 'cause i thought JC stood for Jesus Christ, so i thought it was a christian hostile and i thought that'd be a trip to check out... well its not. JC stands for J.C., the guy that owns and runs the place :) yeah- i'm that lame and so the hostile seemed to us, just like San Jose, lame. That was till we got back to the hostile, and decided some beers were in order- so we went the grocery store, got some beers, went back to the hostile, sat out front, where everyone walks by to get into the hostile and we got down to straight chilling. Up till then we hadn't met anyone at the hostile. But one by one we greeted, met and chatted with a few people here, and a few there. Ben went to go get round two- we had a great buzz by this time, and that's when we met up with another guy named Ben from Chicago. Really chill cat who had been surfing around Costa Rica for the last three weeks. We met his friend Dave, another surfer and Ben's travel buddy. We talked up travel, Costa Rica, future plans- you know the usual. We then got into faith and beliefs and we found out we were kindred spirits. These guys were some awesome men who took their faith and travels both very seriously- and by serious i mean as laid back as possible, but something they believed was essential to the human soul. After that, we met with four Israeli guys and then the conversation went back and forth from surfing, to political, to religion, to travel itineraries and back to surfing to repeat the cycle. It was a great night. Dave and Ben were up the creek because they had both lost their check cards and were having to use just their credit card for funds. I decided i'd buy them dinner and we grabbed dinner at a little chinese restraunt just down the street. Not bad, and with Seinfeld playing in the background it was a good dinner and a good night. We all talked with the Israelis till about one am before we all turned in.


As for JC & Friends Hostel, it was very, bland, basic and the rooms were mediocer i guess, but do-able. Mattresses were thin and there was only one computer with internet that was always busy. Their wi-fi was down most of the time, so it was a waiting game for the computer. But outside of that, it was a hostel and it was perfect. Great guests and if you hang outside long enough offering cigaretts or conversation, or around the pool table your bound to meet some other travellers. It was through them that we were able to set our next steps. We had of course no idea where we were headed, just that San Jose was for sure not it. We regretted, outside the people we met, not getting a hostile in Allajuela, only five minutes from the airport rather than San Jose which was 20 minutes away and more expensive. Allajuela was also quieter and had more to offer as far as places to walk around and things to do. But hindsight is always 20/20 huh :)



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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira