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Who is faster - Singapore Airlines, who had taken off at Frankfurt just before us, or our Malaysian?

Three years after the first, we found it was time to plan a second trip to Australia. We decided not to do a huge see-a-bit-of-everything tour this time, like we had done in 2005 (, but to focus on Perth and the Southwest. We had three and a half weeks to play with. We planned a round trip by campervan through the goldfields and back along the coast which was to take ten days, and for the rest before and after we’d stay in Perth.

F’s father had died in the meantime and his mother had been suffering from depression since, feeling lonely and unhappy alone.

Early morning sky over Malaysia
She was very close to her only sister, but that sister lived in Australia and they could only talk on the phone, which they frequently did. But they both knew that they’d never again in their lives they’d see each other in person. At the age of 80, with health problems, little travel experience and no language skills, travelling halfway round the globe is out of the question.

It is, or is it?

Unless someone takes you along as “hand luggage”, organizes everything, takes care of you during the flight and transfers, drops you off at sister’s house, picks you up there in the end and takes you back home.

We offered to do exactly this. After a long talk with her doctor, concerning her heart problems, green light was given. Flights were booked, all arrangements were made.

Our faithful aircraft
New passports were ordered – both her and me needed new ones. The rules about biometric passport photographs had just come into effect, and we both wondered whether they’d even let us into Australia with these, both looking like criminals.

The two sisters’ biggest dream, which they both had considered totally unrealistic, became reality!

Once more we booked our flights via Frankfurt and Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines. Their service was still perfect, but the quality of the food reflected the economic problems that had brought the airline into the headlines during previous months. It was still good but not as excellent as three years earlier.

I envy those people who are able to sleep in a plane seat, like my dear F. I am not, I hardly drop off for more than a few minutes’ nap no matter how deadly tired I am. I cannot even take normal sleeping pills because I get paradox reactions, I become hectic instead of tired. No chance of catching any sleep during the flight, and a night on the plane can become long and tedious. A doctor gave me diazepam in the end, which is a tranquilizer. Its effects were indeed helpful: I still could not sleep, but I did not mind any more…

I had the window seat and this flight gave me some unforgettable images. Flying along the Caucasus chain after sunset with the snow-capped peaks glowing red in the last rays of sunlight while everything below was already swallowed by dark shadows. The illuminated cities of India. Flying low outside the coast of Thailand, where fishing boats were attracting their catch with lanterns, they looked like swarms of fireflies. And the landing in Kuala Lumpur at the crack of dawn with the first morning colours in the sky and the illuminated city below.

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Who is faster - Singapore Airlines…
Who is faster - Singapore Airline…
Early morning sky over Malaysia
Early morning sky over Malaysia
Our faithful aircraft
Our faithful aircraft
photo by: cimtech