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Yet another closed local UK bank branch.

The 18th was a Monday and the weather was definitely a bit on the turn.  I believe I have mentioned before that for various reasons Broadstairs has what is referred to by experts as a "micro-climate" which effectively means that the weather within a very few miles from here bears no resemblance to what is happening, say, in Deal or Whitstable, both of which are a short drive away.  What tends to happen at this time of year is that the day will start off beautifully sunny and warm and then cloud over by about mid-afternoon with a better than evens chance of a short and occassionally monsoonal shower.  Then it gets a bit chilly in the evening.

My day passed very pleasantly in good company and following my daily regime of up, washed and to the Prince Albert to read the paper from cover to cover, glance at whatever sport might be on one of the several large screens and then home for a bite to eat and bed.  That is about all there is to report on that front and normally I would not even have created a journal entry except for the one image I took that day which is hopefully attached here.

This used to be my bank in Broadstairs and is now shut.  It is not the only one and there is no longer a bank in this fairly prosperous and lively little town.  I remember when there were about four.  Now there is one building society and that is it.  Purely coincidentally I had been reading in the newspaper a couple of days previously about how many local banks were closing and it is a disgrace.  

The lie (big banking's stock in trade) is that everyone wants to bank online now which is complete and utter nonsense.  They want to cut costs to increase shareholders dividends and pay their criminal CEO's seven figure bonuses every year even having almost brought the country to bankruptcy a few years back and having to be bailed out by the taxpayer to the tune of so many billions that we cannot conceivably pay it off for at least two generations.

I fully realise that this is a travel site and I certainly do not wish to make any political statement but this is something I notice more and more as I travel round my own country and so I think I am justified in mentioning it.

If a foreign traveller requires anything more than a simple ATM machine, it is going to be considerably more difficult than it was five years ago solely due to corporate greed.

I sometimes despair of the country I fought for.

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Yet another closed local UK bank b…
Yet another closed local UK bank …
photo by: planxty