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The only photo for two days!

The 26th and 27th September passed fairly uneventfully except for one small incident that happened at the Folk Club on the 27th (a Wednesday) which pleased me enormously.  Whilst heading for a smoke break in the midst of proceedings I was accosted by a guy called Doug Hudson who was standing at the bar.  I have known Doug for many years and he is a simply brilliant musician and comedian who has played all over the world.  As an indication of how long ago I first met him, I have autographed vinyl albums of his!  

When I say he is a comedian I do not mean that about his music as he is excellent, as stated, and plays with another friend of mine, Ian Cutler, in the Hot Rats.  Doug is comedic in that he writes some of the funniest songs you will ever hear.  His football (soccer) commentary in dog Latin about a fictional commentary on the European Cup Final, in A.D. 52 I believe, between Juventus and "Tottenham Hostpuribus" (an Italian team and an English team properly called Tottenham Hotspur) is a thing of genius.

Ian Cutler appeared in the original (proper) Wicker Man from back in the 70's which starred Edward Woodward and Britt Eckland and is another good friend.  Clunk, there goes another name dropped!  Sorry, I couldn't resist it but back to the tale.  Doug told me that he had really enjoyed my rendition of Carrickfergus the previous week, told me I'd nailed it.  

Coming from a man who has been a musical hero of mine for decades, I was so delighted that I felt about ten feet tall for the rest of the session.

So ordinary were these days that I only managed to take one image over both of them and that was of a most wonderful little sweetshop of the very old style that I remember from my childhood which shows you how old-fashioned it is!  I have attached a full review on it to this entry.

NickelP says:
OH well...no need to go out of your way but thank you. :)
Posted on: Oct 06, 2017
planxty says:
Hello Nicole. Unfortunately I do not believe the football commentary is available online as computers were not even availble to the general public when he was doing it. I have it somewhere on vinyl (who knows where?) and have no means of getting it on a computer, not least because I am on the road 70 odd miles from home! I have looked for the lyrics online but cannot find them anywhere. I shall probably bump into him next Wednesday and I'll ask them if the lyrics are available anywhere for you. Sorry, it is the best I can do just now.
Posted on: Oct 06, 2017
NickelP says:
Where can one hear this football commentary as I would very much like to?
Posted on: Oct 05, 2017
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The only photo for two days!
The only photo for two days!
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photo by: planxty