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Loop the loop - on a bus!

Little happened on the 24th except for me hanging out with my usual bunch of friends and I may even have managed a little TravBuddy writing so I shall not bore the reader with all that.

The 25th was a Monday and planxty was on a mission, which was actually in two parts.  Firstly, having sat so long in Broadstairs I decided it was time I went somewhere else, if even only locally for the afternoon and I had decided on Ramsgate which is a mere four miles away.  I have walked it before and it is a delightful stroll but on this occasion I got the "Loop", a little Hoppa bus (see review on this page) that runs between Margate and Ramsgate via Broadstairs and Westwood Cross which is an obscenity of an "out of town" shopping centre that has effectively destroyed many of the small businesses in Broadstairs.  

The second reason was that I wanted to visit a newly opened "pub" that was being spoken of locally as the "eighth wonder of the modern world", namely the new Wetherspoons "pub" which had opened a few weeks earlier and I was keen to have a look at, not least because it was meant to be huge (it is).  A Monday afternoon seemed to be the optimum time to visit as I had heard horror stories about people waiting over 30 minutes to be served there.  I shall explain the whole set-up in the review that is hopefully attached to this journal entry if the reader is interested.

I shall continue this day's journal in another entry purely so the images end up in the right place!

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Loop the loop - on a bus!
Loop the loop - on a bus!
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