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Spot the star.

There is little to report about the 25th of August which fell into the same pattern of waking up in my hugely comfy bed (which is actually a bed sofa affair), performing my ablutions and heading out to the Prince Albert for opening time (please see separate review on the pub) but a trawl through my images does throw up something which may be of interest to the  musically inclined of whatever tiny readership I may have here.

I noticed an old "wet image" and monochrome photo of what was obviously a band promo from who knows when (I vaguely do as explained later).  The lovely lady who was so graciously allowing me to  crash in her spare room had previously been a partner of a guy I was extremely fond of called Les and who I had the extreme privelege of jamming with a few times.  He was a great drummer but is sadly no longer with us, having dropped dead  in the carpark not 100 yards from where I stay now a few years ago.  

I am not going to say I had never seen this image before but I felt compelled to take a "photo of a photo" and to post it here.  The guy centre back is my late mate Les and this is a band from c.1963.  Music afficionados may just recognise the baby-faced young man sitting in front of Les who went by the name of David Jones.  Changing his surname to Bowie the rest, as they say, is history.  As I say, I believe this dates to about 1963 for the music purists but other than that I have little to add.  Just another one of my very minimal claims to fame - I jammed with Bowie's drummer.  How bad can that be?

The only other thing of interest on that day was that I discovered who had taken over  my favourite pub (Prince Albert) and it was the "Craft Union Pub Company" as they had put a sign up outside the front door.  Pub companies are anathema to me and I give this place three years, albeit it is turning a profit, until they decide to asset strip it.  The state of the British licensing trade is parlous to say the least.

I am composing this in the said pub and am on something of a roll so stay tuned.

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Spot the star.
Spot the star.
photo by: planxty