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The 20th was a Sunday and I did not have any gigs booked nor had I been specifically invited to watch any and so I dropped into what was to become a somewhat common routine over the next weeks and indeed one that I am still following a considerable time later.  Get up in the morning, do the necessaries and then head off to the Prince Albert (please see review elsewhere in this journal piece) for a few drinks.  Watch a bit of sport on one of the three large screen televisions, have a chat and a laugh with some of my many friends from around the town including some I have known for over 20 years before heading off for a wander, take in a bit of music and then home for supper and bed.

I realise this may be of limited interest to the reader as it contains little in the way of travel information but it is primarialy posted as a means of reminding me what happened which I can hopefully revisit later when I can no longer travel and secondly as the only way I can ever keep any of my journal entries in order as  my technophobic little brain just gets too confused otherwise.

It was just such a normal non Folk Week Broadstairs day for me that I did not even take any images for which I apologise.  I think it perhaps indicates just how comfortable I feel in this place as I just wander around and do my thing without even thinking about being a traveller.  As I have mentioned in this journal before I really do feel at home in Broadstairs and had even seriously considered re-locating here on more than one occasion.

Trust me, there is more travel information coming soon so stay  tuned.

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photo by: planxty