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back sreet garages in Dhakhla

Day 8

Dakhla to Nouadhibou

260 miles.

When steve woke up today he was really ill. A very bad stomach and extremely tired. This was not good as the toilet facilities are quite horrendous at times and poor Steve was having to visit them far too often.

Before setting off we drove into Dakhla centre to fix the rear windscreen.

  The backstreet garages here are amazing and once you get across what you want, it is almost possible to get anything you need. Our man wanted to replace the back with thick Perspex plastic. We now went on a search of the city for the plastic. All through this Steve was asleep in the passenger seat getting worse while I had this mechanic sat in the boot of the car shouting directions in French. After ages buying it and cutting it to shape we returned to the garage. It was so hot and dusty and yet steve still slept. Starting to worry about him a bit. Fed him some Imodium and dirolite but he is not getting any better.

I paid the mechanic with a small bottle of whisky, some clothes and local cash. Why cant we do this in our local shops at home.

Now we left for Western sahara to cross no mans land into Mauritania.

fixing our smashed window at last.
Now this is a mine field. A real one, no messing! We aimed to be there for day light but the car we were with kept overheating so we didn’t arrive until dark. We only just made it to through the border before it closed and we were the last 2 cars through. As it turned out it didn’t really matter as the car that arrived early in the day were still bogged down in beaurocracy. It took us 2 hours to leave Morocco. It only took 20 minutes when arriving!

Now the fun really begins. We set a convoy of 5 cars with me at the back. No mans land is about 5km wide. I was told that the track we take was well marked, but I didn’t see that. We had 2 regular cars with us and there was no way they could drive through the sand on the trail we were going to take. We had to stop the convoy and a few of the guys started to look for another path to take. I wasn’t happy with them walking about in the dark with only torches. In the end an alternate track was found. Four of the guys stood at the edge of the track on shone their torches at the road where we should drive.

It was still quite sandy and each car had to take a run up and keep up speed to get over. We eventually made it to the Mauritanian side in one piece. I was relieved to get over. It was a lot more intense than I thought.

Now the fun with the border guards began. The first checkpoint was army. They are the most corrupt. We had expected this and all put 10 euros into a fund and gave it to the guards. This is the difference between 10 minutes at the checkpoint or several hours. This is just the way it is. Best to just get used to it.

Then passport  control. These are police. We got away with giving a few pens. Not so bad. They started out wanting our t shirts, glasses, watches and anything else they could see we had. These are not offices that you expect. They are just wooden shacks in the middle of nowhere.

Next to clear customs. This is the one you don’t mind bribing. We had beer and liquor on board and as this is a Muslim country, not really allowed. Again just pay the money and move on. Life is easy then.

After this interesting experience we had a drive of  about 120km to the beach at Nouadhibou. Although it was late, Big Norwegian Hans cooked a meal and we sat eating and drinking until about 2am. What a day!!


bakkar says:
some people very nice with all i was in dakhla 2 day in house my sister problem in dakhla with wind inside city
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
tvillingmarit says:
And what a Norwegian, cooking for you.
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
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back sreet garages in Dhakhla
back sreet garages in Dhakhla
fixing our smashed window at last.
fixing our smashed window at last.
nouadhibou beach.
nouadhibou beach.
arriving nouadhibou beach at night
arriving nouadhibou beach at night
photo by: roadtrampz