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I worked in Flåm this summer and in the last couple of days I had the pleasure of hosting Allan (Codebeck) both in Flåm and in Bergen.  We went bicycling down the Flåmsdalen (Flåm's Valley) and I took him on the fjord Cruise. Well its really a ferry ride, but the marketing department has really done a good job in marketing this as a "cruise".

This is the guide Ive planned to write about Flåm, but i dont really have inspiration to finish it anymore.


There are three main places to take a couple of cold beers in Flåm:



Ægir is a new establishment which was built in 2007.

A stream in the Flåm's Valley
The building is built like an old traditional Norwegian house and is a tourist attraction itself. The interior is cozy with a fireplace and even has Vikings carved into the wood.

They brew and serve five different kinds of beers. Two beers are pale pilsen while the other three beers are darker beers which can remind you of Guinnius.

Prices:  65kr to 68kr for a pint.

TIP:  Ask for a small sample of each beer to find your favorite. They sell five small samples for the same price of one pint.


Flåm Marina:

Flåm Marina is located on the other side of the bay. Walk across the wodden quay until you see the white building. The bar is decorated with a nautical theme and have free billiard and darts on the 2.nd floor. They also have a big outdoor drinking area which is great for drinking and smoking.

Prices 50kr for a 0.

A Seal in the Nærøyfjord
5L and very expensive drinks/shots.

Fretheim Hotel.

Fretheim Hotel is the traditional place to be in Flåm where everyone gathered before Ægir opened in 2007. Fretheim Hotel is a traditional “Hotel-Pub” with the classic atmosphere. Nowadays its pretty quiet and not really worth going to unless you know someone at the hotel.

70kr for 0.6L beer.


Other establishments like “Furukroa” and “Toget cafè” also sells beers, but they are more like diners and not real pubs.


What do to in Flåm:

The Flåm railway:

The Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana) is the main thing to do in Flåm.

Sailing ship "Christian Radich" in the Nærøyfjord
The railway is the steepest adhesion railway in Europe with an 1/50 climb/decent. It was built in the 1930’s and opened for commercial traffic in 1945 after the 2.nd World war. Its an masterpiece of engineering and runs past several waterfalls with “Kjosfossen” right next to Myrdal being the most magnificent one.

Flåm Railway was built to have an railway connection to Fjord Norway and the Bergen-Oslo Railway, but todays serves as a tourist attraction which attracts some 600.000 passengers a year.

Fjord Cruise with the Fjord1 ferries:

The tradition Fjord Cruise runs from Flåm to Gudvangen. It’s a two hour journey each way or a four hour journey for a return trip.  Its a trip that you shouldn’t miss when youre in Flåm. The ferry stops in Aurland and in Undredal, Dyrdal, and Styvi by request.

Stalheimskleiva. Part of Norway in a nutshell
There are given information several times during the journey in several languages. If you prefer something else than English ask someone working on the ferry to play some other languages.

Prices: One-way 235kr , Return 325kr , Student One way 118kr.

Timetables during peak season:

Departures from Flåm: 9:00 , 11:00 , 13:20 and 15:05. The earlier departures tend to be less crowded than the later departures. Im working on MF Fjærlandsfjord which departs at 11:00 and occasionally 15:05 from Flåm so just say hi if youre in the neighbourhood.

Tip: Make a stopover in Undredal. Undredal has Scandinavias smallest Church. The Church can seat 40 church goers and was built in 1147. Undredal is also famous for its goat cheese.

Economical TIP: Even if youre only going one way it can be a good idea to buy a return ticket and sell the return trip to a tourist on the quay at your destination.

Small ship in big Fjord
The prices is 235kr for a one way ticket and 325kr for a return ticket.  There discounts for students / Interrailpass holders which is 118kr one way.

Fjord Cruise with the Fjordsafari. Fjordsafari operates two RIB-speedboats which cruises around in the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord every hour. Expect a shorter, but more action packed experience than the Fjord1 cruise.

Fjord Cruise with other companies is not recommended as the boats are small and does not give the same experience.


Kayaking in the Aurland and Nærøyfjord.

You can rent canoes and Kayaks for excursions ranging from a couple of hours to overnight excursions. It’s a 10hour paddle (40 nautical miles) from Flåm to Gudvangen so it’s recommended with an overnight stay by tent somewhere in the Nærøyfjord.

Camping is free and an amazing experience.

Aurland Panorama Viewpoint:

When the old mountain road from Aurland to Lærdal was categorized as a national tourist route they constructed a panorama platform above Aurland. This gives and excellent overview over the Aurlandsfjord and should not be missed. The Viewpoint is around 10km from Flåm in the direction to Aurland. Renting an ATV to get there might be a good solution. There is also an footpath leading up from Aurland. It circles up to the Prest Mountain (1370meters) above the fjord. Ask in the tourist information for a map.

ATV �" Rental at the Flåm Marina:

You can rent ATV’s to take a drive around Flåm. The are 50cc ATV’s and you need a drivers license to rent them. A trip to the Aurland viewpoint is worth it , as well as a trip up Flåm Valley (Flåmsdalen).

Bike Rental at the Trainstation: You can rent bikes for 250kr a day at the trainstation.

Flåmsdalen (Flåm's Valley)
You should be fit to rent a bike as the surroundings around Flåm is definitely not flat.

Hiking Aurland valley (Aurlandsdalen)

. Aurlandsdalen is one of the most celebrated hikes in Norway and gives you an experience you’ll never forget. Its called Norways Grand canyon and you will encounter goats and other wildlife on the trip. There are marked paths from Finse Train station and down to Aurland. The entire journey takes 4days (5hours hiking a day) and there are services to transport your backpacks to the next cabin. There are several mountain huts along the way which serves traditional food.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Hiking Nærøy valley (Nærøydalen). There are several good hiking opportunities around Gudvangen. The most spectacular mountains are Jordalsnuten (980meters) and Bakkanosi (1397meters). Ask in the tourist information in Flåm for maps and tips. Highly RECOMMENDED!

Getting there and Away:

Flåmsbana has a connection to Myrdal every 30minutes.

Flåm from the Panorama viewpoint
From Myrdal you get trains in the direction Oslo or Bergen.

Express-boat to Bergen. Flåm has one daily connection to Bergen (5hours) by express-boat. The ferry leaves every day at 15:30 from the Fjord1 terminal. Also stops at other places in the Sognefjord along the way to Bergen, most importantly Balestrand. There is an service from Flåm to Balestrand at 06:00.

Bus. Express-buses on the way to Sogndal or Bergen(2hours) 5 departures everyday in each direction

Car. There are several a good sights within reach from daytrips from Flåm. A daytrip to Lærdal is recommended for taking the old mountain road (summer only, Opens around June) to Lærdal and the Lærdal Tunnel which is the longest in the world back again to Flåm.

dark-phoenix says:
Great photos! Beautiful country! Would love to visit again!
Posted on: Feb 17, 2011
Charmink says:
Would love to do this when in Norway ;))
Posted on: Jan 09, 2011
pearcetoyou says:
Great pictures, Christian!
Posted on: Oct 28, 2008
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A stream in the Flåms Valley
A stream in the Flåm's Valley
A Seal in the Nærøyfjord
A Seal in the Nærøyfjord
Sailing ship Christian Radich in…
Sailing ship "Christian Radich" i…
Stalheimskleiva. Part of Norway in…
Stalheimskleiva. Part of Norway i…
Small ship in big Fjord
Small ship in big Fjord
Flåmsdalen (Flåms Valley)
Flåmsdalen (Flåm's Valley)
Flåm from the Panorama viewpoint
Flåm from the Panorama viewpoint
Historical Boat MS Atløy in Flåm
Historical Boat MS Atløy in Flåm
Allan with Ingrid and Bettina ridi…
Allan with Ingrid and Bettina rid…
Kjosfossen Waterfall
Kjosfossen Waterfall
The view from the panorama above t…
The view from the panorama above …
Departing Gudvangen
Departing Gudvangen
Meeting MF Sognefjord inside the N…
Meeting MF Sognefjord inside the …
Christian Radich in Flåm. The win…
Christian Radich in Flåm. The wi…
The Crew relaxing on deck.
The Crew relaxing on deck.
A Cruiseship in the Nærøyfjord
A Cruiseship in the Nærøyfjord
Flåms Church
Flåm's Church
Allan in the Flåms Valley
Allan in the Flåm's Valley
Sagfossen Waterfall
Sagfossen Waterfall
Goats in the Mountainside.
Goats in the Mountainside.
Sognefjord in Autumn from MS Fjord…
Sognefjord in Autumn from MS Fjor…
Sognefjord in Autumn
Sognefjord in Autumn
Seaborn pride. The sistership of S…
Seaborn pride. The sistership of …
MS Solundir. One of the expressboa…
MS Solundir. One of the expressbo…
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