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The Causeway Challenge has become the preeminent Scrabble tournament in the world. It's held near the Causeway-the bridge connecting Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. T This year, that is an around-the-world trip, from East Asia to the Middle East to the UK before heading home.

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November 22nd, 2010Tucson, Arizona
November 23rd, 2010Hong Kong
November 26th, 2010Bangkok, Thailand
November 30th, 2010Johor Bahru, Malaysia
December 6th, 2010Manila, Philippines
December 11th, 2010Damascus, Syria
December 12th, 2010Aleppo, Syria
December 14th, 2010Homs, Syria
December 14th, 2010Hama, Syria
December 15th, 2010Palmyra, Syria
December 17th, 2010Damascus, Syria
December 19th, 2010Amman, Jordan
December 21st, 2010Amman, Jordan
December 21st, 2010Petra, Jordan
December 22nd, 2010Wadi Rum, Jordan
December 23rd, 2010Aqaba, Jordan
December 24th, 2010Dahab, Egypt
December 25th, 2010Saint Catherine, Egypt
December 26th, 2010Cairo, Egypt
December 28th, 2010Luxor, Egypt
December 29th, 2010Aswan, Egypt
December 29th, 2010Abu Simbel, Egypt
December 30th, 2010Aswan, Egypt
January 1st, 2011Cairo, Egypt
January 2nd, 2011Salisbury, England