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I win the award for the stupidest photos in the world

@ Lijiang River Cruise

This river flows from Guilin to Yangshou and is the life and the reason for the incredible karst landscape. The views are great along the river and there are all sorts of odd shapes around like 9 Horses ( I swear I could only see 5). Definitely recommend this trip down the river to anyone. The cruise is abt 2hrs 45 mins and at a gd bargain, one cruise ship ticket costs about 235Y with lunch inclu. You can buy the ticket at any travel agent, hotel desk or tourism info station. I've noted that some dishonest travel agents try to charge you 265Y, just walk away.

@ Yangshuo Attractions

Visited some caves, temple, rocks, more rocks, hole in rock, rock mountain, rock and roll band ....

Bamboo Rafting
wait...whats a rock mountain?

Anyway, the attractions are blah-so-so compared to the one's in Guilin. Really don't waste your time.

I saw a Banyan Tree...no its not the spa. Its a REAL ancient Banyan Tree.
Frankly speaking, give me the spa anytime.

@ West Street ( there's no other street )

The whole town is made up of one street - West Street. The town is like a small civilisation of pub and restaurant owners in a crater surrounded by an incredible karst landscape.

West street itself is not spectacular and by no means Broadway, but its the energy and people that gives it life. From dancing touts to scruffy beggars to horribly english translated shop names ... West street is something out of a sleezy 1900 gold rush town with your usual shady characters.

West St
I really love it. Walked up and down like a 100 times.

What I really love are the limestone karsts that are just so "in your face". You can be eating a seafood dinner beside a huge karst no more than 10 metres from you and it juz makes you feel so small. Its telling you ....."think you can forget about me ?? Think again....whomp.....I'm in your face".

@ A Hole in the Sky & a Bucket of Books

The girl that lives by a hole in the sky
I was caught in a mid day monsoon and had to take refuge in a deserted hotel. With me was this young tourist tout girl who didn't waste time making $ and tried to sell me a tour. We had this half n hr conversation that was pretty darn interesting.

She is a local local from the villages and has no opportunity for education at all.

Moon Mountain
Her skin is brown from the sun and her teeth have never seen a dentist before. We started talking about her village life and how she has to walk everyday to the town to tout tours. I was surprised at how interested she was in learning about me and about Singapore. She has never been out of her little town and thinks that Singapore is super super far!

She lives at Moon Mountain ..the hole in the sky and can't understand why tourists are so fascinated by her home.

The girl with the bucket of books
On the bus back to Guangzhou, I saw a group if students hugging and chatting. 3 of the girls were going to the main city to study...I'm guessing in the university.

They had this I-hav-never-stepped-out-of-this-small-town look. Their friends were hugging them and wishing them luck... a total small town feel. They sure had not alot of stuff if they were moving to the city to study. Just a medium sized suitcase... thats all.

There was this one girl with glasses and a ponytail that was carrying a bucket of books. It was those silver types that you dump the cow's milk. She had one full of her books!

I couldn't imagine someone being so poor or naive that they can't get a plastic bag or something to dump their books. Books are square, buckets are round. Logically it doesn't fit. Really opened my eyes to see how the town folk live.

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I win the award for the stupidest …
I win the award for the stupidest…
Bamboo Rafting
Bamboo Rafting
West St
West St
Moon Mountain
Moon Mountain
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