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Newsflash : I was almost killed by a small black know the black ones that is used to boil herbal soup? The chicky was trying his luck at retribution. Bird Flu my ass...

I was walking on this 2 foot pathway by the side of a hill and the other side is a plunging fall into a chocolate river..... and the black chicky ran through my legs, throwing me off balance and I almost fell a whole 2 meters down the rocky death threatening cliff into the raging rapid chocolate river.

@Monsoon & Rice

I heard that the village people ( not the gay ones, the REAL village people ) earn only SGD$60 per YEAR from selling rice. Thats about 30 Euros for foreign friends reading my webpage.

My god.... we are being grossly overcharged for rice in Singapore !!!

Have you ever climbed up a rice terrace in the MONSOON rain, almost slipping and dying (again) and being taunted at by fluffy yellow ducks hanging out on the padi fields enjoying the rain?

I've never cursed and sweared so much in my life.
... ok, I'm sure I have, but that was definitely one of the top 10.
@I'm a Rice Terrace Fan !
Climbing was a b**** ..... it takes 1 half hrs to get to the top. Don't forget the hazardous paths, slippery slopes and killer chickens. Taunting ducks do not help and the occasional stray dog walking by really re-emphasizes that climbing rice terraces are a b****. I had no idea that the website would block out the word b.i.t.c.h.......

Here's a strange thing. After a monsoon down pour, the sky gets increasingly clear and the view was absolutely spectacular. Like if normal visibility was a 29 inch coloured TV, visibility after a down pour is like a high definition plasma tv screen with digital cable.

You have to click on the image to enlarge it to really see how amazing the rice terrace is. I'm now gunning to go to Philippines to see the terraces in Luzon.

Hmmm... to describe the terraces... its like many many Mr Softees that are green and reaching for the sky with clouds like marshmellows all around and water that reflects the sun like some reflecty thingy. I am making no sense.
zuhair says:
I found some amazing pics of Longji at someone's profile, so I decided to read about it. Then I found you talking about some killer chickens! I read your whole blog, you are incredibly funny :))
Posted on: Sep 19, 2012
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photo by: halilee