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Bus - Pic stolen from the Guangzhou Bus website

@The 9 Hr bus ride from hell

Here are your options to get from Guangzhou (Guangdong Province) to Guilin (Guanxi Province). Ranked by cost :

$ - 9 Hr bus ride from Hell (170Y)

$$ - 13 Hour Sleeper Train
The price ranges from 160Y to 320Y for 5 different classes.
1- Hurt your ass hard seat class
2- Less pain in the ass soft seat class
3- Aeroplane like cushion seats
4- Backache hard sleeper class
5- Luxury soft sleeper with clean linen ! and pillow!

$$$- Guilin Airlines ( about 600Y not inclu. of taxes)
Just fyi, the locals told me that this airline is quite prone to accidents. The last 2 major crashes were in 1987 and 1997 ... wanna take the plane this year? Go figure.....

Anyways .... got there in 1 piece.

Seven Star Park...Romancing some poet
There are 2 toilet stops on the way. Both are bad, so don't hold it in hopes of finding a better toilet.

Took the night bus.... and as you got closer to Guilin, you can see the shadows of these huge hills just coming out of no where and the moon will strangely start to look bigger and rounder. I'm not sure if this is true cos I slept through this

@Guilin City

Attractions worth seeing are all in the city. You can rent a cabbie to take u around for just 50Y and pack as many people in the cab.

Worth Seeing:
1- Solitary Beauty Peak ( also called Princess City ) - 60Y
2- Seven Star Park and Cave - 65 Y
3- Reed Flute Cave - 60Y

NOT Worth Seeing
1- Elephant Hill - 35Y
This is just a hole in rock ..... if you sit on a high bus or get really creative with bending your body, you can actually see this without having to pay.

Toilet Paper and God Juice, both are good for the soul.

I felt totally cheesed off that you had to pay for every single thing - even to see something like a hole in a rock... which should be made available for the locals to take some wedding shots at or something

@Guilin Backstreet Youth Hostel - Guilin Streets

This is like .... THE PLACE to stay! Had a fab time there for 2 nites.

Location - The best; 1 minute walk from the main pedestrian street with shops and restaurants. There is also breakfast of you tiao and porridge near by which we liked so much we had it for breakfast twice. There is this old uncle that just sits and fries the you tiao... fresh and homemade.

Went to the pasar malam at the main road, but it was really no biggie. I juz bought a rat doll and named him PLAGUE. How fitting. The main "peoples square" is also near by. At 8pm at night, there is like China's highest shooting fountain or something.

11% Liquan Beer and Horse meat
.... but I missed it.

I like the room.... it was a 3 mattress on a concrete platform which was comforable enuff. I had to get my own towels, the TV didn't really work (not that I wanted to see ballroom dancing on TV anyway), the aircon was kick ass. I give it the award for the most kick ass aircon in a hostel. There was a toilet attached wif a toilet bowl and hot water shower 24 hrs a day.


Bought from provision shop for 1Y. Also bought God Juice ....good for the soul.

@Of Fine Dining & 11% Beer

Liquan Beer is officially the best beer in China. It comes in 5%, 7%, 10% & 11% alcohol.

I present the award for the best beer in China to: LIQUAN BEER

River food from the Liquan River is awesome ! I had the tastiest fish ever... like ever ever... ever ever. I uploaded the photo of the fish below.

My Good Aunt & Wang Ji
2 Marche like concept restaurants where u can eat and find anything under the sun. Really huge, really local, really messy, really really.

My first ever fried Lao Po Bing (Wife Biscuit)
I had a fried Lao Po Bing, which is the best in the face of the planet. I'm going to start a campaign that involves frying every biscuit.... after I complete my campaign of "every beer should be 11% strong".




planisphere says:
i would love to see li river in my lifetime. :)
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
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Bus - Pic stolen from the Guangzho…
Bus - Pic stolen from the Guangzh…
Seven Star Park...Romancing some p…
Seven Star Park...Romancing some …
Toilet Paper and God Juice, both a…
Toilet Paper and God Juice, both …
11% Liquan Beer and Horse meat
11% Liquan Beer and Horse meat
Crab and the Tastiest Fish in the …
Crab and the Tastiest Fish in the…
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