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My hostel in Kunming.

When I got to Kunming, I was happily surprised to find out that the taxis are cheaper than Beijing.  The meter also runs in fractions of a RMB, but no change is given (round up).

The rain has been off and on, but it's kind of discouraged me from straying too far from the hostel since I don't really feel like getting stuck in the rain.  Another interesting thing about Kunming compared to Beijing is that there are a lot more mopeds here.  It feels very SE Asia seeing herds of people on mopeds with special moped raincoats with built-in windshields.

I have my bus ticket to Jinghong, but it doesn't leave until 9pm, so I have some time to kill.  If the clouds clear, I'll probably go to the nearby park and see what's going on.

I spent most of the day trying to find the biggest park in Kunming.

My hostel in Kunming. Not bad.
  At one point I thought I found it and so I spent the next couple of hours there relaxing, reading, and taking photos.  I decided it was time to go and started walking back to the hostel.  On the way back, of course, I stumbled on the real park I had actually been looking for.  There was a great carnival atmosphere.  Food vendors (I bought some popcorn) face painting, singing, etc.

At one point I was enjoying the view of the lake when suddenly, to my left, I heard the beat of running footsteps coming towards me.  Then to my right, I heard another set of feet also running towards me!  Clutching my camera, I looked to see what was going on.  The two sets of feet ran past me, and to the bench that had just been vacated.  A butt pushing match ensued on the bench with each women trying to use her rear to clear out as much space as possible for the rest of her family to claim the bench.

More Photos:

Lake Near Hostel (panorama)

Another Lake (panorama)

Lillypads (panorama)

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My hostel in Kunming.
My hostel in Kunming.
My hostel in Kunming.  Not bad.
My hostel in Kunming. Not bad.
Outside shot of the Cloudland Host…
Outside shot of the Cloudland Hos…
Small lake/park near the hostel.
Small lake/park near the hostel.
photo by: eefab