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Looking at HK Island from Tsim Sha Tsui
I. Hong Kong

HK Airport
- Free Wi-Fi. It's difficult to find free Wi-Fi in HK. Pacific Cafe has free computer w/ Internet connection.
- High ceiling. Not crowded.
- Dim sum was OK. Won't go back.
- Free sample of Dragon Beard candy.
- Rode bus #21 to Kowloon. $33 HKD.

The Peak
Took the double-decker bus up to the Peak and rode the Peak Tram down to Central. The bus ride took longer, but was cheaper(one-way bus=$15 and tram=$30) and provided some excitement. The double-decker was going about $40-50 mph up a steep mountain on narrow and crooked road, like riding a roller coaster, minus the downhill.

The lame wax museum, the McDonald, and Cafe Deco restaurant are still there.
Entrance gate to Po Lin Monastery
Pacific Cafe was added. The building has changed. I could not remember what they had been changed though.

Cafe Deco sucks. The lobster bisque was tasteless. The waiter was snobbish; the service was slow.

Mui Wo, Tai O, Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Village and NP360 Skyrail(suspended)
Last time, I took the MTR subway to Tung Chung Station and bus up to Po Lin Monastery. Another thrilling ride on the crooked road that has ONLY ONE LANE. Cars and buses must yield when there is an oncoming car.

This time, I took the ferry from Central to Mui Wo. Bus #1 to Tai O, the fishermen village. Highly recommend visiting Tai O. It makes you feel like you are in ancient time, if avoid the HSBC bank. Ate a bowl of "tofu far" and sweet black sesame soup. Bus #21 to Po Lin Monastery.

The Buddha is sill gigantic. The Monastery is still run like a business. Climbed 200+ flights of stairs to get to the Buddha.
Lion Rock Mountain
Finally, breathed in some clean air. Windy and cold up there, so wear a jacket.

Walked over to Ngong Ping Village. First, stop by a store for glass bottle of hot black soybean drink. The Village was nice looking with 7-11, Starbucks, souvenir shop and restaurants. Did stop and headed straight to NP360 Skyrail.

One way is $58. It accepted credit card but not the Octopus Card. Skip it if you are afraid of height. The ride is scary because you are so high in the air and the strong winds blows the car left and right. Video by Igino

Christmas in HK
Hk people really like Xmas. It is very festive. There are lots of Xmas decorations, people sing at malls. Video by Jonathan Evans

On Xmas eve, the part of the Nathan Road from Jordan to pier was shut down. Families were out on the street; they were singing Xmas songs, dancing, eating and doing the countdown. A stage was set up by Kowloon Park where rock bands were playing their music.

Perfect time for some inexpensive winter clothes.

Free audio guides (mp3 format): discoverhongkong.com/mobilehost/eng/audio_index.html
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Looking at HK Island from Tsim Sha…
Looking at HK Island from Tsim Sh…
Entrance gate to Po Lin Monastery
Entrance gate to Po Lin Monastery
Lion Rock Mountain
Lion Rock Mountain
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