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So at sunset we parted ways with Theresa and Bryanna at Brusters and went to finish the rest of our trip home.  But first my mom wanted me to bring her home some corn (by the way she didn't know what bodacious corn was either).    We're driving down Route 99 towards Edinboro and drive slow so we can see if we see a corn cart... they're usually all along the side of the road.  But since it's sunday and it's dusk we figured everybody is not out---which is sad because I have a favorite woman with a corn cart on the corner of 99 and W Street (this is the road that goes to to I-79). 

We finally see a cart as we're passing it so we screach to a hault and back up and stick our heads out the window of the car and ask, as we're yelling because they're on the porch, "Are you selling at any corn"... they signal for us to come on up.  (it was sort of funny because this was like something in the movie where we were the hot guy trying to pick up a cute girl...LOL).

We look at the cart and I get a bakers dozen of corn, 2 green peppers and a head of cabbage for $4.50... it was a well accomplished mission.  And as we can tell I like to talk alot so I started talking to the sellers of the corn.  I told them I had to get some for my mom and they asked where we came from.  I told them the City and they thought we drove 2 hours to just get come corn!  They were astounded.  Until I told them that we were driving by on the way to Buffalo.  they then asked how long we were in Buffalo and became astounded again when I told them we went there for Dinner... Why wouldn't someone drive 10 hours round trip just to get some food... I think it's worth it! 

But they were just grateful that we stopped by and enjoyed their corn!

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