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Who knew corn could be BODACIOUS? I guess people who knew that bodacious corn was just a name for the most sweet corn did!

So at 7AM Kristi came up to my place and we started our drive.  We went through Pittsburgh and merged onto I-79 and at the Cranberry Twp. exit (right near the turnpike) we decided to take route 19 the rest of the way up to Volant, PA where we were meeting up with our friend Katie.  Despite our tireness (Kristi and I are NOT morning people) we made our way north.

On the drive up we saw some interesting things that we just had to pull over an see (I love following old routes... you never Know what you'll see).  First we see a restaurant... and on the sign it ways EAT... Hmmm I wonder if we're supposed to eat here.'s the Castle Cheese World Head Quarters!!!
.. what a strange name for a sign.  We passed it without much thought of it afterwards until about 10 miles down the road we pulled over when we saw a driving range.  Well, I don't know about you but when I think driving range I think of 10 or more little stations with 100 yards or so to drive with bulls eyes letting you know how far  you've gone.  Well, this one was a wooden plank with a wooden chair and a tin bucket.  out in the distance... like 25 feet or so is a marker sticking out of the ground and a lot of trees behind it.  Over to the side was a small closet of a house that looked like it should be at a mini golf course where the supplies were kept.  Sadly we kept going again.  We finally pulled over when we saw a sign stating "Bodacious Corn"... Kristi and I laughed because we thought that it was just some really sexy corn.
The Dumplin Haus
.. Ha Ha Ha!  Well, we pulled over (and thanx to my wide angle lensed camera) we were able to take a picture there!  We immediately called Kristi's mom to ask her what it meant... because Kristi is from Central, PA in the Sticks!  Her mom laughed at us because it means that it's really sweet corn.  Oh... we feel stupid.  A little bit down the road we see another photo op!  We saw a GIANT castle... well it wasn't that giant but out where we were where there was nothing around it was pretty big!  But it was the Castle Cheese World Head Quarters... why would you put a "world head quarters" in BFE of Pennsylvania?  I dunno... but it was pretty funny.

We finally get to Katie's and head out to downtown Volant... which is just a street with some shops... to go to the Dumplin Haus for breakfast, where Katie insists they have the best cinnamon buns; I'll be the judge of that because I love cinnamon buns... yum yum!  We go in and it's a quaint little restaurant with cute little table clothes and older women in there for their sunday brunch in their Sunday best.  It looked like something from Martha Stewart.  But we sit down and I look at the menu... which I'm assuming would be something like the dinnor they go to in "My cousin Vinny" in Alabama where they try to decide what to get and their choices are breakfast, lunch or dinner!  Ha Ha Ha!  Well, I end up getting a breakfast sandwhich to go with the small sticky bun... they are all out of larges (sigh) thinking that the small wouldn't be enough food!  Well, let me just tell you it came out and the small sticky bun was the size of the plate and so was the breakfast sandwhich... good thing I had a while for lunch as it was only 10AM!

The rest of the way up to Erie we decide to take I-79 as we told Theresa we'd be there at noon and it was already 11AM and it takes a little over an hour to get there!  So no more funny stories of bizzarreness on the side of the road!

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Who knew corn could be BODACIOUS? …
Who knew corn could be BODACIOUS?…
LOL...its the Castle Cheese World…'s the Castle Cheese Worl…
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