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Epcot Center

Orlando is a place with a huge amount of entertainment, restaurants and shopping centers, modern and comfortable hotels, interesting museums and more than 80 parks with numerous lakes and amazing wildlife.

Surely many of you are tired of primitive amusement parks and various attractions. That is why we have prepared a list of ideas of how you can entertain yourself without visiting such places.

Attend the Epcot Center

Epcot Center, which is a prototype of the society of the future. It is divided into two parts: the "Showcase of the World" with pavilions in which exhibits from around the world are presented, and "The World of the Future", in which you can see the models of our planet, the time machine and the spacecraft. The main pavilion displays the latest technologies of the 21st century, and next to it there is a world model with an area of ​​11 000 ha.

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology
In this vast territory are located French, English, Italian, Mexican, Chinese quarters and parks.

Have fun in the City Walk

The largest entertainment center in Orlando is the City Walk, which has many cafes and restaurants with live music, dance floors and much more. This is an ideal place for a pastime with your family and friends.

Glaze at skeletons

Museum of Osteology is one of two existing museums of this kind in America. There you can see the exhibition of skeletons of more than 400 species of different animals in very unusual poses. Very exciting place, which will be interesting and informative for both children and adults.

See the Stars’ Doubles

Madame Tussauds is one of the most visited museums in Orlando.

This is a realistic wax museum of famous popular people of the past and our time. The museum is interesting and fascinating for all ages, you can shake hands with the president or a famous sportsman, hug with your favorite actor or singer.

Relax on artificial Island

Discovery Cove is just a local, artificially created by man, a piece of oceanic and tropical nature. On a very small plot of land (several times smaller than the SeaWorld), sea lagoons with coral reefs and sunken ships, vast beaches, a tropical river, etc. The park is attractive with a lot of water activities - from swimming with stingrays, sharks and dolphins, scuba diving with tropical fish and to skiing on water slides.

Watch the alligators

Florida is known for being full of alligators. Gatorland Park-farm completely corresponds to its name, as the main part of its exposure is assigned to crocodiles and alligators.

Ernest Hemingway House
In addition to crocodiles in the park, there are huge Galapagos turtles, parrots, snakes, ostriches, flamingos and a huge number of ubiquitous herons. In Gatorland, there are several shows with alligators. For $10 you can even feed them.

Go to the theater

Shakespeare Theater is named after the legendary English poet and playwright W. Shakespeare. Here you can plunge into the era of Romeo and Juliet, and see not only the performances of Shakespeare, but also dramas, comedies, musicals and plays by other authors.

Visit Ernest Hemingway House

Being in Ki-West you will have the opportunity to walk along the main street of Duval and buy memorable things. There are also the "Little White House" of President Truman, the houses of famous American writers, including Ernest Hemingway, where he lived for 9 years of his life. You can have a cocktail in the Hemingway's favorite Sloppy Joe's bar.

Don’t forget about car rental in Orlando, you should have some transport to explore the city.

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Epcot Center
Epcot Center
SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology
SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology
Ernest Hemingway House
Ernest Hemingway House
photo by: Reephboy