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Mongolia is a country that I have long been fascinated by. I think it might have started when I saw its stunning, pristine, emerald green landscapes – unspoiled and with barely a soul to be seen – in the 2007 movie Mongol, which charts the rise to power of one Genghis Khan.

But my desire to actually visit it stems from a more sophisticated place, I’d like to believe. The sparsely populated countryside offers a stark contrast to the urban sprawl of its capital and sole city, Ulaanbaatar. The unique nomadic lifestyle – living in gers, living off the land, accompanied by fermented mares’ milk as the refreshment of choice – is a distinctive way of living too.

Also, I’d been keen to volunteer again, having not really had the opportunity to do so since a stint in Uganda back in 2013. This still being very much a developing country with grinding poverty all too commonplace, it made sense to give humanitarian work here a go, especially in the light of original plans to travel here with a couple of Travbuddies falling through.

I’d secured a teaching post at the ‘Child Smile’ community centre, just west of the city centre, and I would spend two of my three and half weeks in Mongolia teaching here. I wouldn’t start until the 18th, though. I had a couple of other things to see and do first…

joseph98 says:
Was on mine for some time as well, so was very excited when the time finally arrived :-)
Posted on: Nov 19, 2017
Toonsarah says:
Mongolia has been on my wish-list for ages!
Posted on: Nov 17, 2017
joseph98 says:
It's definitely worth a watch. The first of a proposed trilogy...whether they will ever get round to making the other two is still up in the air.
Posted on: Aug 22, 2017
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