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Our bird waiting to take us to Tel Aviv. Damn - remote boarding again!

Damn you jetlag! I fell asleep  by 1030p the previous night and there I was hoping for some sleep till 6a. But, I was up and about by 5a so thought I might as well get ready, check out, check in and spend time at the lounge. And I did exactly that. Despite T5 being an absolute fish market, the queues were moving quickly and I was in the A gates lounge in no time. I helped myself to some brilliant porridge (what is it about British porridge that tastes so much better than our oats) and kept waiting for the gate announcement. It was finally announced as B gates, a departure time of 815am.

So off I went to the B Gates lounge, signed up for a free facial and was about to head when.... well, the flight got delayed. The lounge was right in front of our gate so I could see the dreamliner.

Breakfast was berry flavoured muesli with a mint/lemon smoothie. Both were excellent.
So I showered, ate some more porridge and made my way down right in the middle of boarding. Turns out that was NOT our plane. Apparently, there were some issues so last minute we had to get to a sub 789 on the tarmac near C gates. The flight was packed like sardines. I did appreciate the cabin crew's and flight deck's transparency in not only telling us why we were getting delayed (we were given minute details too, such as "currently boarding the last of 6 boxes that contain your luggage") to proactively telling us that thanks to the Mixed Crew strike, we had some non-BA substitute staff and that meal service might be a bit different. 

We pushed back a good 1hour 15 minutes after scheduled departure. But for all the delay, the flight was very smooth, and we landed more or less "only" an hour late at TLV. Now immigration there.... now that's a whole different story! I saw 2 films: a Kannada film "Santhu Straight Forward" and Chris Evan's "Gifted".

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Our bird waiting to take us to Tel…
Our bird waiting to take us to Te…
Breakfast was berry flavoured mues…
Breakfast was berry flavoured mue…
photo by: ulysses