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Our tiny BA A320 was parked in between two EK A380s and a QF 380! I thought we'd get crushed.

So after that TRAVESTY of my British Airways Tel Aviv flight, the only saving consolation was that it more or less landed on time. Fast Track Immigration was a bit of a joke as folks in regular queue were moving faster than ours - BUT T5 overall was pretty quiet at that time of the day. It seemed like one joke after another for me - I made my way to BA's Arrivals Lounge and turns out there was no water, which means no washrooms or shower facilities (the Hydrotherapy Zone as they call it!). But I did use that time to eat some breakfast (I love their scrambled egg and baked beans!), had some coffee (in a paper cup, mind) and left shortly before noon.

I boarded the Pic Line, and eventually alighted at Bond Street. 

Did some window shopping, walked till Oxford Street and caught the Bakerloo line to Paddington from where I caught the Heathrow Express shortly before the peak time 4pm starts (to avail of their rather reasonable 15 quid ticket).

Heathrow T3 Cathay Pacific Lounge (see review for more details and pictures)

Checkin at LHR T3 was pretty easy. Even though I had no official invitation to use Fast Track Security, I told them I'm AA Platinum and they waved me through, no fuss. 

People that know me will know I'm not really a fan of T3. Not that T5 is any better, but at least it's modern organised chaos and a lot more spacious. That said, there is one thing I love about using T3. As a oneworld status member, you have the option of using 4 lounges: AA, BA, QF and CX. And, well, I thought let's give CX (Cathay Pacific's) a go! 


I have written a detailed review below on my first time lounge experience, but it really sheds light on several, several areas where their other oneworld siblings are lacking. As soon as I entered, the front desk told me that my flight had been postponed. I kept monitoring the screens and it was indeed delayed by nearly 30 minutes. Lucky for me I thought, get to spend more time here.

After a hot shower at the lounge, I stepped out hoping I could visit the BA lounge for their evening Victoria sandwich cake. Alas, I was a little late and that had made way for their abyssmal dinner menu. No dessert also, except for cheese and those cheap cookies they keep by the coffee machines. So, not one to give up - I headed to the AA lounge hoping I could get some dessert there...but nopes! Nothing there as well. The lounge was also really quiet! 

Anyway, by this time it was getting quite late and our gate had been announced. So off I went to gate 3. We were sequestered there for a while before boarding began. I  could see the crew waiting below, by the plane.  We finally boarded shortly before 715p. I admired and chuckled at the pilot's transparency, kept referring to the flight attendants as my "glamorous crew", etc. We finally pushed back and departed close to 8pm, a near one hour delay. Excuse given was that the incoming flight was delayed. What I don't get it is, LHR is BA's biggest base. They have a spare or 2 for Chrissakes!

I was so so absolutely knackered, all I know is that the seatbelt signs were turned off, and I shut my eyes.

Ils1976 says:
and of course ... Envious in a good way! :D
Posted on: Sep 09, 2017
Ils1976 says:
I have to agree with Paul on this one! :D
Posted on: Sep 09, 2017
Paulovic says:
You always have the best seats in the plane and the the oppurtunity to visit the lounges of the airlines! Envious!! ;)
Posted on: Aug 22, 2017
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Our tiny BA A320 was parked in bet…
Our tiny BA A320 was parked in be…
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Heathrow T3 Cathay Pacific Lounge…
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