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Local taxi and it wasn't that expensive to get around I was surprised.
Wow Singapore had so many malls one can visit.  Downtown Orchard St. had too many malls to visit but I think in the few days I was there I might of visited at least 60% of them.  I spent so much money after I swore I would only spend two hundred dollars lol.   Oh well I made sure I purchased a few gifts for all my friends and family back in Yokosuka, Japan.  Although Singapore is expensive you can still find some good bargins if you stay away from the main stores and stick to the smaller stores on the streets.  I took two tours while in Singapore a day tour and a night tour which the night tour consisted of a dinner and a boat ride on the river.  The day tour took us to several places to shop and at the end we went to the botanic Gardens.  I did love going to Dairy Queen after not seeing one for a least a year.  I need to admit that I gave the guy there a hard time because he made me a peanut buster parfait and it didnt look nothing like the picture lol. It was so bad I couldn't eat all of it so I went back and told him he could redeem himself by making me a chocolate chip orea blizzards.  I guess all he heard was chocolate chip so thats what i got.  Before I left I told him I would be back again and he should practice his skills if he's going to be working at dairy queen, he just laughed and said he would.  I also brought my first PSP in Singapore and I couldn't believe the great deal I got on it :)
princess_bakes says: you know as much as you bring you can spend it all here!
Posted on: Aug 26, 2007
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Local taxi and it wasnt that expe…
Local taxi and it wasn't that exp…
I spent many times sitting here wa…
I spent many times sitting here w…
What a beautiful site
What a beautiful site
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