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This was a diving and snorkeling trip with 2 friends- Coming overland from India via Myanmar (was possible then, but not now early 2018) to Bangkok i did meet them in Penang from where we went via Makkasar to Gorontalo and by boat to the Togian Islands. After that to Bunaken, Raja Ampat, Banda Islands and Seram to Yogjakarta. From there i went via Bali and Vienna to West Africa.

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January 12th, 2016Penang, Malaysia
January 13th, 2016Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 14th, 2016Gorontalo, Indonesia
January 16th, 2016Togian, Indonesia
January 24th, 2016Manado, Indonesia
January 25th, 2016Bunaken, Indonesia
February 2nd, 2016Raja Ampat, Indonesia
February 7th, 2016Sorong, Indonesia
February 8th, 2016Fakfak, Indonesia
February 10th, 2016Bandanaira, Indonesia
February 14th, 2016Sawai, Indonesia
February 17th, 2016Ambon, Indonesia
February 18th, 2016Padangbai, Indonesia