India 2007

 By Meezerman

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The Summary

For about a year, I knew that I was going to be representing the U.S. at the 2007 World Scrabble Championship in Mumbai. But I wasn't about to travel 24+ hours each way for three days of Scrabble! With my new job providing me both financial security and flexibility, I decided to tack on a three week tour of India.

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October 22nd, 2007Delhi, India
October 23rd, 2007Delhi, India
October 23rd, 2007Jodhpur, India
October 24th, 2007Ranakpur, India
October 25th, 2007Udaipur, India
October 28th, 2007Pushkar, India
October 30th, 2007Bundi, India
October 31st, 2007Jaipur, India
November 2nd, 2007Agra, India
November 3rd, 2007Delhi, India
November 4th, 2007Goa, India
November 7th, 2007Mumbai, India