Europe 2017

 By skippyed

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The Summary

Having taking the Trans/Siberian Mongolian from Ulaanbataar to Saint Petersburg this blog starts our travels from Finland onwards. Russia and Mongolia will be covered in a separate blog.

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July 29th, 2017Helsinki, Finland
July 30th, 2017Helsinki, Finland
July 31st, 2017Helsinki, Finland
August 1st, 2017Helsinki, Finland
August 2nd, 2017Helsinki, Finland
August 3rd, 2017Helsinki, Finland
August 4th, 2017Helsinki, Finland
August 5th, 2017Tallinn, Estonia
August 6th, 2017Tallinn, Estonia
August 7th, 2017Tallinn, Estonia
August 8th, 2017Tallinn, Estonia
August 9th, 2017Vilnius, Lithuania
August 10th, 2017Vilnius, Lithuania
August 11th, 2017Vilnius, Lithuania
August 12th, 2017Vilnius, Lithuania
August 13th, 2017Kaunas, Lithuania
August 14th, 2017Kaunas, Lithuania
August 15th, 2017Klaipeda, Lithuania
August 16th, 2017Klaipeda, Lithuania
August 17th, 2017Riga, Latvia