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The main idea of this trip was to study Georgian in Tbilisi for a few weeks. But there aren't direct flights from Edinburgh to Tbilisi, so me being me, I decided to take a detour on the way: Cork & Cobh (Ireland), Riga & Jurmala (Latvia), Minsk (Belarus) and finally Tbilisi. And of course, weekends are not for studying...so far, trips out to Kakheti region as well as Zestaponi and Chiatura. More to follow...

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July 3rd, 2017Cork, Ireland
July 4th, 2017Cobh, Ireland
July 6th, 2017Riga, Latvia
July 7th, 2017Jurmala, Latvia
July 8th, 2017Riga, Latvia
July 9th, 2017Minsk, Belarus
July 13th, 2017Tbilisi, Georgia
July 15th, 2017Alaverdi, Georgia
July 16th, 2017Ruispiri, Georgia
July 16th, 2017Telavi, Georgia
July 17th, 2017Tbilisi, Georgia
July 30th, 2017Zestaponi, Georgia
July 31st, 2017Chiatura, Georgia
August 4th, 2017Yerevan, Armenia
August 8th, 2017Tbilisi, Georgia
August 20th, 2017Kazbegi, Georgia
August 23rd, 2017Gori, Georgia
August 24th, 2017Doha, Qatar