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Setting up our display at Dusit Hotel

How annoying, this is the second time now this week my work has just dissappeared, now obviously I must have pushed something, but it just doesnt make sense! ARGH!!! Let me try again........

On Sunday evening it poured down so heavily. It must be really tough for those living in shacks, streets and cemeteries. I prayed that my ladies and those at the cemetery would be ok, and everyone else too struggling with the wet. Made me sad.

Monday 17 - So Monday morning I had to get to the Dusit Hotel by 8. I arrived before the others so sat down for a cup of English Breakfast you do. We set up our display in the boardroom area and it looked really colourful and fab. It was nice to hear English for a change and also my ears picked up on a lot of South Africans, so I just had to go chat to them.

Riding in a pedicab in Navotas when school is out!
The ladies at the function were from the British Womens Association. MOst were South African though, who are living with their important husbands here in Manila. One, the UK Embassy Ambassador, the other the South African Embassy 1st Secretary. They were such lovely women and invited me to join in the i did for a bit. Our first sale was one of the new designs I gave my ladies to make. Praise God! We sold quite a few that morning, which is great for the groups morale. It was also such a priviledge to be able to chat to other charities and see how they do things and what they do, if anyone is interested in volunteering out here - there is loads of work and these charities are desperate for volunteers.
Inside a jeepney
I was also lucky enough to meet Joanne's American friend who has been living in Manila as a missionary midwife. She is an amazing girl. I admire her passion and time given. She has managed to sell some of Joanne's jewellery in USA, to help Joanne with her finances. She has 2 kids and living with her parents. A whole ago her house burnt down along with everything inside, so they are still in the process of rebuilding. At the mo they have a tapaulin as the roof. Her daughter was diagnosed with TB and need regular medication, so she really needs financial help.

We caught a taxi back to the office at lunch and the cost was 100 peso when we stopped outsied our building. I gave the driver 500 but he fiddled around for change....didnt have, so I gave him my 100 peso note.

Pan Pacific Hotel lounge
...he has the cheek to tell me I owe him another 2.50......I told him he is crazy and there was no chance I was giving him more money when it was originally 100 and not my fault he couldnt find any change.....they try and get every last penny out of you! Its happened a few times before! Gathered all the beads and materials I needed for the next day of teaching and headed home with the masses!

Again I have found a piece of heaven right in the heart of my neighbourhood. It is a glorious find! I happened to be checking out the skyscrapers on my way home on Sunday and noticed some lights on near the top floor of a hotel, so I thought that must be a lounge or restaurant that I must check out on the MOnday evening. So I took a stroll down the rd to the Pan Pacific Hotel and took the lift up to the top floor.

How cool is that!
The lift was so cool you get to see the city as you go up! At the top, I arrived to a gorgeous lounge with soft music playing and panoramic views of the city at night. Stunnig everything.  Sat my butt down on a sofa right by the window and asked the barman to make up a cocktail for me. So the rest of the evening I spent sipping my cocktail, pigging ou on nuts and writing in my was so relaxing and unwinding, just what I needed ;-)

Tuesday 18 - Today has been a tough day for the ladies, and it worries me. This morning arrived at the cemetery at 12, after fighting the crowds for 1.5 hrs. Sorry to say Dave, but Avril was singing to me this morning on my jeepney ride! Some of the ladies were there already and rearing to go. I asked them about the rain, and they said they didnt get any, or at least it didnt phase them - praise God. We started at 12.30 with a prayer. They didnt understand a thing I said but they still praised Jesus along the way ;-) Made me happy inside. They produced 4 new design necklaces each. They worked hard and I let them choose their own beads and see what looks good with what. They need to start learning about design, its very important as a jeweller. Ellen, who was on the other side wanted to chat to each of the ladies one by one to discuss whats going to happen and the future. They all came back not too happy, and had a loud dicussion with Joanne about it. She said they have been told that when I leave the class for them will end, no more training and they will be having to make jewellery on their own.......this was quite a shock to me as I had no idea they were getting till end of the month! Thats too soon. They feel that way too and say that they are not ready to leave PCF......oh dear it didnt go down well. I dont know how I am going to teach them the skills they need in 2 weeks. I feel bad for them but know it has to be done. Wish they had been given more notice though.......must come up with a new plan for the rest of my time here. Tricky and quite stressful, pray for us guys!   





elsiesteel says:
Your photos are stunning! The Pan Pacific hotel ones look great. Glad the exhibition went so well. Keep up the good work, Lau.
Posted on: Sep 19, 2007
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Setting up our display at Dusit Ho…
Setting up our display at Dusit H…
Riding in a pedicab in Navotas whe…
Riding in a pedicab in Navotas wh…
Inside a jeepney
Inside a jeepney
Pan Pacific Hotel lounge
Pan Pacific Hotel lounge
How cool is that!
How cool is that!
photo by: Deats