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4x4 driving, wild camping & high-altitude hiking across a land of neverending conflicts, ancient snow capped peaks, age old traditions, rugged landscape & home of the legendary golden fleece - the high & mighty caucasus - the roof of europe!

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July 17th, 2017Dusseldorf, Germany
July 28th, 2017Kiev, Ukraine
July 29th, 2017Tbilisi, Georgia
July 30th, 2017Tbilisi, Georgia
July 30th, 2017Zugdidi, Georgia
July 30th, 2017Potskho Etseri, Georgia
July 30th, 2017Mestia, Georgia
July 31st, 2017Koruldi, Georgia
July 31st, 2017Mestia, Georgia
July 31st, 2017Ushguli, Georgia
August 1st, 2017Ushguli, Georgia
August 1st, 2017Shkhara Glacier, Georgia
August 2nd, 2017Ushguli, Georgia
August 2nd, 2017Mestia, Georgia
August 3rd, 2017Ureki, Georgia
August 4th, 2017Ureki, Georgia
August 4th, 2017Kazbegi, Georgia
August 5th, 2017Kazbegi, Georgia
August 5th, 2017Sabertse, Georgia
August 6th, 2017Kazbegi, Georgia
August 6th, 2017Kvemo Okrokana, Georgia
August 6th, 2017Truso Valley, Georgia
August 7th, 2017Truso Valley, Georgia
August 7th, 2017Gudauri, Georgia
August 7th, 2017Tbilisi, Georgia
August 8th, 2017Tbilisi, Georgia
August 8th, 2017David Gareja, Georgia
August 8th, 2017Georgia