the majestic and formidable ushba, the most beautiful mountain in the caucasus.

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close up of ushba's peaks.

"lauro - look at your neck - looks like rare medium meat" the girls said, it also didnt helped that my legs and the back of my ears were itching so nasty. as i didnt had any cloth protection in my neck while hiking yesterday in the stifling heat, it was battered by the sun and it got burned so bad. ju told me not to scratch it, i told her her to take a look behind my ears, coz i felt nasty big lumps forming. i asked ju if they were bed bug bites. maike said if the bites looked like trails or something like that its defo bed bugs - yikes!

driving back down to the valley of mestia from ushguli, i kept scratching. i had an ointment but it aint powerful enough to cure it, but it stops the itching every 30 minutes and it goes on again!

anyway - i had to distract myself from the itch otherwise, i'd go crazy! before we stopped in mestia - there was a viewpoint - sort of and the weather was so clear - that we could actually see ushba! maike stopped and we tooked pics! the mountain was incredibly outstanding! although not the highest peak in the caucasus (and not even belonging to the top 10) the mountain just rises from the valley and upwards to its twin horned peaks!

i admired it from the distant - its a shame that we didnt saw it very close as the weather was cloudy when we attempted to hike the summit of a nearby peak to see its grandeur and the glaciers that surrounded this beautiful mountain but i was glad that still - i saw it! its the number one attraction i wanted to see in the caucasus!

driving towards the valley, i had glow in my eyes - lol sorry to say it but im really a mountain freak - almost like a mountain goat.

ushba south face 4710 meters (15,452 ft) rising from the valley of mestia.
seeing peaks (that i wanted to see) gives me a sense of self-satisfaction.

we gased up in mestia and bought some supplies and were trying to find a bank automat, its was so hard to find an automat here that accepts international cards - but there were lots of money changers - the problem was - the girls dont have solid cash with them to exchange. i still have enough lari and so was eef, but were running low.

as we drove down back to the valley and away from the cacasus, we saw ushba again in ts other face! gone were the twin horns but only a a magnificent one peak rising above everything else! eef has a lonely planet book about georgia (or was it maike?) and immediately took it and showed them to everyone - that the picture on the front cover was the in fact (almost) the face of ushba in that angle!

how wonderful was that?!

as we went down the valley - we had internet reception again and me and ju were looking for some place to stay in the black sea - we looked at the places of ureki and kobuleti.

the beautiful ushba seen from the distance with its twin horned peaks of ushba south (4710 m) from the left, ushba north (4694 m) to the right and gulna (3725 m) to the far right.
there were hundreds of hotels and stuff. we chose ureki coz its closer than kobuleti. then we had ideas where to book, but we didnt booked directly, we just take our chances and see whats next.

we were back again in the serpentine road and the lake formed by the enguri dam, we stopped there to have something to eat, it was already past afternoon. i took the honey melon and sliced them and we ate it on the stop. as we drove down, the mountains seemed to get  further and further. i was a little sad to be leaving the caucasus but hey - were going to the black sea - its my first time to take a dip in that body of water, maike was already there as she was in romania but eef and ju were also as excited as me coz theyve never been there! and besides after the black sea thingy - were going again to the mountains in the kazbegi region - so bring it!

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close up of ushbas peaks.
close up of ushba's peaks.
ushba south face 4710 meters (15,4…
ushba south face 4710 meters (15,…
the beautiful ushba seen from the …
the beautiful ushba seen from the…
ushba south face and the mazeri or…
ushba south face and the mazeri o…
photo by: lauro