the caucasus: a postcard from the past, an image into the future.

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a quite similar postcard ive found in the internet, which i saw in an encyclopaedia when i was a child: a church perched on a high hill and a snowy (icy) mount kazbek in the background.

before the age of the internet - when i was a child, i grew up reading the encyclopaedia set my mother bought for me to widen my horizon. one of the most unforgetable picture there was a black and white postcard church perched on a mountain (or a high hill) and behind it was a huge mountain covered in snow (or ice). it was in the section of the former ussr (lol that was really a long time ago) and one word got stuck on my head: mount kazbek. although the picture was in black and white, i had imagined it to be full of life and i said to myself that one day, i would like to set my foot there.

after so many years, came the opportunity. i realized that mountains are my passion and i would use this "passion" to make my childhood dreams a reality. i had been to so many mountain ranges in europe including the mont blanc massif, as many people say that it's the "highest" mountain in europe, but wait - there 's this obscure mountain range that many people didnt knew about that's located east of  the black sea: the caucasus.

my girls on the trip: juju, eef and my partner-in-crime: maike. the most amazing thing is that we had all been in the himalayas: ju in everest (tibet), eef (manaslu), maike in everest (nepal) & me did the langtang trek! so were really up to the challenge!
it is still geographically a part of the european continent and there are at least 9 more peaks there over 16,000 ft. - higher than mont blanc.

i started to make plans to explore this vast region east of the black sea. as i am also a big greek mythology nut case, it got me super excited to know that georgia was the legendary place of the golden fleece - the quest of jason and the argonauts.

it was so hard to gather friends who wanted to come along with me, since georgia is not a popular country to travel into plus the idea i had in mind is too extreme for most of my friends: wild camping and hiking. i like it both because wild camping and hiking are the truest form to experience a country in my opinion.

thankfully, i found a great partner to do this adventure with me, maike (travbuddy: globevoyager). i knew maike long time ago - we both organized a trip to iceland last 2010 with 17 travbuddies and friends and we hit it off in an instant. she was game to do this trip with me and all we need are people who would join us to cut the cost. fortunately and unfortunately only another two were up to the challenge (time and money wise): eef (travbuddy: eefab) and juju (travbuddy: juju). i know eef long long long time ago, we met first in amsterdam travbuddy meetup in 2008 and occasional here and there meet ups but we never travelled together - we both love smoking and we made a pact 9 years ago - that were gonna travel together and smoke! and juju - i met ju in a travbuddy meet up in reykjavik and the blue lagoon in 2010 and the next year partied in madrid, but we never had the chance to talk alot to each other coz there's just too many people and now, only the four of us so its much better - the communication with each other.

we planned to rent a 4x4, that could drive across the rough roads of the caucasus, rent camping and cooking gears like fuel, coz its not allowed to bring into flights anymore and finding wild spots to camp.

so the black and white postcard from the former ussr i'd seen as a child, was an image what i would do into the future. we had no idea what to expect, as the caucasus is an unfamiliar territory for us and little information in the internet - but we we were up to the challenge, so bring it.

Ils1976 says:
noted! :)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2017
lauro says:
advice: dont do it in summer - its so fookin hot in tbilisi!!!!!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2017
cotton_foam says:
Wow, galing parang TB Reunion ha!!
Hey, I'm checking out this blog because I've been interested to Georgia and Tbilisi for a while now. Baka isipin mo eh gusto ko Lang mag pa pansin!!! Hahaha!!!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2017
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a quite similar postcard ive found…
a quite similar postcard ive foun…
my girls on the trip: juju, eef an…
my girls on the trip: juju, eef a…
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