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View over the Great Rift Valley

We drove out of Nairobi, out of the big city. The neighbourhood from where we left and had our good breakfast is called Karen. It was already at the South West side of the city. Since we were driving towards the Great Rift Valley, which is West from Nairobi, we did drive out of the city quite fast. The landscape was green and there were small hills. I was sitting in the truck and watching outside. I could not believe this was Africa, I really was in Africa for the first time of my life. To be honest I can not remember that I thought something the same when I went to Asia for the first time. And even though I skipped one night and was very tired, I could not let myself go to sleep and miss the world outside the truck.

View over the Great Rift Valley
Although Kenya is closer to where I live than the first place in Asia I went (Vietnam), it seemed much further to reach here. Not because of the distance or the flight time, just because Africa has something unreachable for the mind. At least for mine. East Africa is ony one hour ahead of where I am living, so also in time it is quite close by.

Anyway, I was driving through Africa now. The roads looked quite good, they were paved. There were no sidewalks, even inside the big city it is rare I have noticed. Just sand, but ah well, that is the same in Asia often, too. Or in Latin America. I was constantly watching outside to see how Africa looked like. Not too many cars, driving left since Kenya was Brittish until the early sixties of the 19th century. Most people walking or going by bicycle.

Cape robin-chat

Suddenly, out of the blue and after one hour driving from Nairobi, there was came a spectacular view over a huge valley. It was the Great Rift Valley. It is enormous. We would drive into the valley but we stopped at a look-out point for taking some photos. Interesting fact is that this valley is nearly 10,000 km long a goes all the way from Israel to Mozambique. Although it stretches almost quarter the earth, I had never heard of it before I was doing research on Kenya and Tanzania. Learned something again here about our planet. ;)

Did I already say that the view was great? Even though we only had about 20 minutes for taking photos, I could have stand there much longer. But we still had a long way to go to our first camping.

Ils1976 says:
sounds pretty amazing!
Posted on: Jul 21, 2017
Paulovic says:
Thank you for your kind words, May! I am always truly interested to learn as much as possible from the area or country where I am. Especially completely other cultures. :)
Posted on: Jul 19, 2017
cotton_foam says:
I agree with you...when one say Africa -- it seemed so far, far away! I admire you for your keen observations of everything along the drive. That's what travelers sets apart from the ordinary tourists -- I guess. :)) Great journal, bro!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2017
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View over the Great Rift Valley
View over the Great Rift Valley
View over the Great Rift Valley
View over the Great Rift Valley
Cape robin-chat
Cape robin-chat
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Great Rift Valley
photo by: Paulovic