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This continent was missing still on my list of continents visited. Counted the Americas as one continent and not considered Antarctica. Is that cheating? Well, I think it is not!

Africa, especially a safari tour was in my mind for several years already. First of all it is quite expensive and that was one of the main reasons it did not happen so far. Since I got a new job since this year and I was limited in my possibilities of time I had no idea where to go this year. I was doubting a lot if I would travel on my own this year. Sri Lanka was where I was focussing on in first case. I even had a date set for when I would go there. It was somewhere in May this year. Turned out I could not take off from work. Then I thought, lets check out for organized tours. I set the prefered dates (from where I was sure about I could get off) and one of the destinations was Kenya and Tanzania.

Africa, as said, was in my mind for quite some years already. I read a lot in the news about rhino poaching for its ivory. It such a sad issue what is going on in Africa. Just because those bastards somewhere else in the world think it is good for their potency... It can make me really mad! Anyway, I thought it is urgent now. And I wanted to see the rhino before it would extinct in the wild. Sadly I have a feeling that I sould not wait five to ten years anymore.

Africa. It was one month and a half before this organized trip would start that I booked the trip. I had to arrange my visas for Kenya and Tanzania. This took some weeks before I got this arranged. After all preperations I was ready to leave. Ready to hit ground on my missing continent. Ready to see the beloved rhino. Ready to see the big five. Ready to see so many more animals.

onthego says:
Thanks Paul for sharing your experience about setting up your African vaca. I've only been to Egypt 🇪🇬 so I have yet to have that true African experience found in the wilds of Africa. May we someday connect in an awesome place that captures all of the excitement & beauty that awaits those willing to explore the wonders of the world.
Posted on: Aug 30, 2017
gingerbatik says:
I look forward to see africa as well:)
Posted on: Aug 22, 2017
Paulovic says:
Thank you Xander! It wasn't expensive as you would expect. But it was very basic with only sleeping at campsites, not always the best toilets or showers. But you pay for the luxury you want. I booked with Shoestring btw..
Posted on: Jul 24, 2017
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