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So I left at 7:15AM on Thursday... I had to be back at work at 3PM for a meeting and an interview so hopefully I get a job when I move.  I gave myself plenty of time... 8 hours... it should take max 7 hours and a minumum of 6.5 hours! 

So I head off, set my GPS and start going with it... it said I should get in around 1:30...that's fabulous...right?  Well, the GPS told me to go on route 440...which is what I needed to take the last time I came out, I was stoked because then I could see how I should've gone the last time...but it wanted me to go I-76... the turnpike.  Now from Pittsburgh it takes a half hour longer to get to Pittsburgh by going I-80 instead of the turnpike...which I happily take because the half hour of gas is well worth not spending the $30 in tolls!  So I freaked.... it took me onto route 287 north before getting onto the turnpike so I just kept going north and passed the exit in hopes of making it back up to I-80... but by doing that I wasn't going to get into Pittsburgh until 2:50PM... which is sort of pushing it especially if I get stuck in traffic or what not.  So I passed the exit for I-81 and decided I needed to turn around and go that route otherwise I'm not going to make it!  I get off the exit to turn around but go the 2 miles out of the way to get gas because otherwise I'll run out of gas on the road. 

Finally I get to I-81 and start at it...but I start to fall asleep.  At this point I havent' eaten yet and I'm tired from staying out later than I wanted to and I've been driving around Jersey for 2 hours...which is really hard!  So I pull over to a place where I see a dunking donuts and take a quick cat nap for about 10 to 15 minutes and get some food and coffee to wake me up! 

I head back on my way and see that I will be getting up to my house at 2:30PM but it takes another 15 to 20 minutes to get to work from there... so I'm going to be pushing it.  I am awake at this point... driving and enjoying the view and get to Pittsburgh... and since I got on the turnpike after Harrisburg my toll was only $10 instead of $30!!  Yay!!!  because that's alot of money for me...that's a night out! 

I get off the exit from I-76 to I-376 towards Pittsburgh and look at the time.... Oh crap... there's usually traffic around this time...  Well, heck; there's always traffic in this shouldn't be a surprise to me!  But I drive like a Pittsburgher, aggressively and pull into the parking lot at 2:59PM!  I clocked in one minute late and made it to my meeting and interview... I really need to work on this driving long distances and going to work thing... it really sucks!

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photo by: diisha392