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So now that I've been to New York 7 times in the last 15 months I go to just hang out... it's my day off and I don't have any responsibilties.  So I sleep and wake up at 11:45AM...  I was going to head up to Times Square before my friend got home at noon because she refuses to go any where touristy unless she has to and due to popular demand of the Elvis Edition Peanut butter banana reeses I needed to go up to pick some up for people!  But since I woke up so late I decided to just hang out and then head out later.

I get some cereal and turn on the TV and my friend walks in the door as I'm sitting like a 5 year old in my pajamas trying to find something on TV.  She looked astounded that I just woke up.  but Ronnie's idea of bonding is just that, being a home body.... so I stayed a home body with her until 4ish.  She's building a computer so I worked with her on that, she just got DDR for her playstation and we played that and brought her mom down for the fun activity.  she was getting frustrated because she wasn't picking up on it really quickly... I told her it's because she had a small TV.. a 13 incher.. and that she should get a bigger one and it would work better.  She didn't like that idea.

At 4 PM I headed up to 42nd street (Times Square) to meet up with her roomie, Aaron, so I could get my Elvis Reese's.  We went in and found the larger than life display of Elvis stuff that was not priced...and there weren't individual packets... only a bulk box! I ask the guy who works there how much the bulk box was and the bag of small reese's and he told me $20 and $10... well, I was in for a surprise when I got to the check out... they were really $13 and $4!!  So I got to save some money and everybody at work will be excited!

After 42nd street we headed up to 5th Avenue to try and find me some Bulova and Hamilton Watch Bands. But let me just tell you this is harder than I ever expected.  I looked online the night before and found some stores that stated they sell bands... most were on 5th... go figure, right?  So we head up to some and they are dingy stores with rude foreign people who don't speak English... now doen't get me wrong.. I think that if you are trying to make your life better and come to the US to do that that's fine.  I have helped many people in my store get products to help them live their lives in Pittsburgh for their job and they don't speak English... but they all came over here for a company that they really don't deal with the public.  They are behind the scenes people at Bayer Corp.. and when other customers say snidely behind their back, learn english or go home, I ignore it when I really want to tell them that those people have as much right here as them.  But the thing that bothers me is that these people own store shops but there is no customer satisfaction... they don't try to understand the english customers and try to get the customer what they need... I  had to be persistent until they took the information down from me. 

When I was at the watch stores I looked at the watches and noticed for the 2nd time that they lost time... oh, some back story... I came here to pick up some antique watches I dropped off in Greenwich Village a month ago when I came out.  I got them from my grandfather and they are 3 WWII pilot watches.  They have a wind up mechanism and 2 of them didn't work and one needed cleaned.  So when I came to Brooklyn the day before my friend gave them to me and I set them to see what would happen.  I had to rewind them this morning and they lost time and they did again within 2 hours.  I called the store and asked what time they closed... they said 6PM... I had a half hour. So we ran down as fast as we could to get there... and we missed it by 5 minutes... we got there at 5 after!  We weren't fast enough!

So we went on our way to go find food... and found a place called Rare Bar and Grill and stopped in there to eat.  It was a really nice restaurant and there weren't rude people working there so that was very refreshing!  The waitress was very personable and we had a great dining experience!

Once dinner was over we went to Marie's crisis... which is a gay bar that specialized in a show tune singing piano player.  I went there and was immediately bombarded by some drunk gay guy who started talking to me... apparently he's the clown of the group there! He left to go back to the piano bar and I talked to some of aaron's friends and then the bar tenders switched over... to someone who was really hot!  Aaron told him that he brought finally brought a straight girl in here... I found out it's because the bartender, Chad, was straight... which was a pleasent surprise.  And a good thing about his friends is one of which used to work at a swiss watch repair shop... so he told me that he'd look into saving my family heirlooms and help me out!  i was stoked...  we switched numbers and he said he'd get back to me because it sounds like the watch repairer was incompotent and I should not take my watches back there.  I told him that I almost didn't want to leave them there because I had a sinking feeling, but my friend ronnie told me it was fine because her family has used it and I figured that the shop workers were the usual disgruntled, rude people who didn't speak English.  when I would call them they would blow me off and not answer my questions... but like I said I brushed it off and let it go... big mistake.  but hopefully Tom can help out and they will get fixed!

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