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Just a day of shopping really, headed to Pitt Street (like Regent Street) and a few of the main shopping areas (whose names escape me), and then Broadway. Neil had to go on to a date miles away in MacArthur so I headed back to the flat with our shopping and had a few vodkas with his flatmate Sarah.

So since there's not much to report, a word instead on spiders and creepy crawlies in Australia. They said on the East Coast of Australia you wouldn't see many spiders. That it was only really the west coast you really had to be careful. But that assumes you live in a reasonably clean, well-taken care of house, where the owners actually own a hoover or duster. If, like me, you are not staying somewhere like this, you are likely to run into more spiders.

I got really freaked out late the other night when I did my evening ablutions to find myself watching the wide array of large and interesting bugs that crawl around our shower late at night after everyone's gone to bed - I can only say I'm glad I'm not first in the shower in the morning. And watching the large spider that was happily running up and down the back door. You can imagine how happy I was the other morning to discover the upside-down 2 inch long beetle who had expired in the water that pours in small torrents from the leaky washing machine across the kitchen and under our back door. His creepy corpse is still on the back patio; I step over him regularly doing the washing, which, incidentally, means checking the peg bag before inserting a hand, as there is clear evidence of spider actvity from the tiny tiny webs that appear from the pegs themselves to the washing! Stories from Neil's flatmates about the giant Huntsman Spider that she found sitting on her passenger's seat door when she was out driving with a friend the other day also don't comfort me. I have yet to have the living daylight's frightened out of me by any Giant Spider Story of my own, but I feel its only a matter of time. Until then, the anxious feeling that accompanies going to the toilet and fearing a bitten bum is a daily reminder of the wild urban environment I now live in.

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photo by: Sunflower300