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Road trip!

We checked out this morning, booked a Tribal Travel tour and grabbed some breakfast while we waited for our friend 'Nin to meet us. Then we set off on a girly road trip to Rainbow Beach! We have promised to help 'Nin look for work and we are keen to keep together as a group even as Megha and I want to do excursions and see the east coast and 'Nin needs to find work to pay to live! But we are throwing caution to the wind and trusting in fate to take care of her and us. The trip was the usual haphazard route that we have come to expect from Nin's driving and we got lost several times. I laugh that we follow directions so carefully and yet 5 miles down the road we are stopping again to ask random people for the next set of directions! What we are all surprised about however is just how nice people are when you get out of the city.

'Nin asking a tractor driver for directions (with the cool jacarandas in the background)
I have been so taken aback by some of the out-and-out rudeness I have encoutered in Sydney and nearby, but my faith has once again been restored in humanity as people have gone so out of their way to be kind and helpful.

2 hours in, the terrain started to change from the wide roads and American-style billboards of the outer suburbs and to more rolling green hills and trees that we are more familar with in English countryside. 'Nin was beside herself with excitement and despite not being a fan of London we assured her that England is as beautiful. We arrived in Rainbow nearing sunset and had a drink at the surf club before heading to the hostel to check in. As luck would have it, the hostel were looking for a laundry girl for 3 days in exchange for accomodation so we have agreed that Megha and I will go down to Noosa for the next 3 days to do the canoe safari part of our package tour before heading back to Rainbow and doing Fraser Island with 'Nin with money in her back pocket. So with the security of a plan, a goon (4 litres of cheap wine) and some super noodles, we settled in for the night.

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Road trip!
Road trip!
Nin asking a tractor driver for d…
'Nin asking a tractor driver for …
Rainbow Beach
photo by: Marino