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Coral Bay

Today was the first day of our road trip; me, Sebastian (German guy and Gem's squeeze from Exmouth), Cedric (French-Sicilian) and Hide (Japanese chef). Sebastian and Cedric had met months ago in Darwin, though not hung out together. Hide and Sebastian had been driving together since Broome and when we all hung out in Exmouth for the past 5 days Cedric and I begged a seat in Seb's car to head south towards Perth.

I was genuinely worried we would not all fit in the car with our luggage, and it needed some careful arrangement but eventually we managed to squeeze everything in with absolutely no space to spare. The car is ancient, and it's water leaks so depending on the heat, we have to stop every few kilometres to let the radiator cool, plug the hole with new chewing gum, and refill the water tank. Added to this the air con is broken, the boot is broken (propped up with a cardboard tube to pack and unpack), the esky is broken (cool box), the radio sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. In short, it's a heap, but it's cheaper than the Greyhound, and a lot more fun.

Our first day was pretty uneventful and a lot quieter than I expected. Hide speaks little English and can only really understand Sebastian though a common pronunciation of certain words that German and Japanese seem to share. He understands 70% of what Sebastian says, 50% of Cedric's thick French accent, and only 30% of my fast-spoken English. Cedric, the singing Frenchmen as we have come to expect from him was quiet, and I suppose we were all just getting used to each other.

We pulled into Coral Bay around 1pm and had a siesta after lunch while I pottered around doing chores and laundry. Everyone finally roused themselves at 5pm so we decided not to snorkel down at the main beach, but just to head through the long dunes to the nearer beach where the boys all snorkeled fairly unsuccessfully by all accounts. I sat on the beach trying surrepticiously to even up my tan which has left me with a white bum where I have been wearing bikini shorts all week and looking rather silly in my other stringier bikini....

We hoped for a cheap burger at the hostel but discovered late they were only for tours, so Hide put together a rice dish for us and we played pool, drank and got to know each other better.

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Coral Bay
Coral Bay
Coral Bay
photo by: tj1777